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   Real review of "Canyon Financial" in Boise, ID!

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  Melissa Hoff sent us her review October 06, 2016.

  Visited address:
  4792 W Overland Rd #100, Boise, ID 83705, USA

"Canyon Financial company is the institution that is providing a various economic services including managing your money, giving an automobile loans, personal loans, short-term (payday loans up to $1000) and other necessary loans. It is very important that you choose a reliable and well-know financial company because you don't want to owe money to some scam financial company. If you are living in Boise, ID this article will introduce you to Canyon Financial, a high-quality credit company located in this US city.

When choosing a financial company for loans it is crucial to check the background of the company because there is a lot of scamming in that business. Canyon Financial has been operating successfully for more than 13 years. Their mission is to help people who have a financial problem with providing loans for them. For example, if you are living in Boise, ID, Canyon Financial can approve loans from 500$ to 10,000$ and the terms of payment are negotiable to 36 months maximum. There is a different profile of people who are trying to get a loan, so Canyon Financial is reviewing every request before approval which reduce the risk. The majority of the approved loans is for a family vacation, home construction and improvements or auto repairs. Canyon Financial in Boise, ID has the clients, an individual or company, who have gone through bankruptcy. The statistics show there is a big percentage of approved loans for people who just gone through a crisis. The other important information about the financial companies is the rating from big money companies. Canyon Financial has a positive reviews, including A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau and the National Federation of Independent Business which shows you their credibility in the business.

If you need a loan you can easily apply at their official website. The process of applying is pretty straight forward and every application is reviewed individually, which means the majority of the applications are approved the same day.

(+) Positive side of Canyon Financial in Boise, ID!

When I was searching for some real reviews from the clients to check how this company is working in the real world, I was stunned by a positive reviews. The majority of clients said they are satisfied with Canyon Financial because they offer fast and reliable services that most banks will reject. Also, people said a few good words about their offices: „Your office gives off a family atmosphere.“ The interesting thing about these reviews is that people are clients with Canyon Financial for more than 5 years.

(-) Negative side of Canyon Financial in Boise, ID!

When it comes to the loans, you should always be careful because it is a serious business that can lead to serious consequences. Some people reported this company is acting like a friend, but after some time they start to raise the interest rates, „They start off pretending to be your friend, then you figure out they are just out to screw you with unreasonable interest rates, but they know you will agree to pay…"