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   Real review of "United Finance" in Tacoma, WA!

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  Dan Brands sent us his review September 28, 2016.

  Visited address:
  12205 Pacific Ave S, Tacoma, WA 98444, USA

"My experience at United Finance was great. The company is among top financial companies in Tacoma. Apart from Tacoma, WA, the company has branches in several other states. I learned this from research which I carried out before doing business with them. United Finance offers residents loans irrespective of their credit score situations. If you are among those who have poor credit score, the company is among lenders who accept people with poor credit scores. The company even goes further to extend loan services to people who have been victims of bankruptcy and other situations which make other lenders shy away from offering them loans. United Finance is a family owned business which is dedicated to making people achieve financial freedom. The company has been serving people diligently since 1922.

Types of financial services offered by United Finance

Loans for new and used cars

After studying the company, I discovered they offer loans to people who will like to buy cars. I was willing to buy a car but my finance was not allowing. I approached them for a loan and within a week my loan was approved though I had poor credit records.

Debt consolidation

Debt consolidation is among the services which the company offers. I approached them and asked for the services. They were more than willing to help. They have highly qualified experts who explain everything to potential customers. I met with other people who had done business with them; the company is among the best when it comes to debt consolidation services.

Loans for buying furniture

After repaying my car loan, I decided to take a loan so that I can upgrade furniture in my home. They took the shortest time to process my loan. They have different types of loans for you to choose from. They also have easy application process. You will take the shortest time possible and have your loan approved just like my experience.

Credit reporting

The company reports credit to the three major credit bureaus. After repaying my two loans, they reported to the credit bureaus. This even helped me to improve my credit score. It is a company I can recommend to anybody who has poor credit score and will like to take a loan and improve their credit score in the long run.

Customer care services

Each time I call the company for help, the response is great. They have customer care professionals who are on the stand by to help clients on different matters."