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   Real review of "Avier Wealth Advisors" in Bellevue, WA!

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  Lindsey Lindley sent us her review October 19, 2016.

  Visited address:
  10655 NE 4th St #508, Bellevue, WA 98004, USA

"Wanting to change financial advisors, I stumbled upon Avier Wealth Advisors and I have to say that I am not looking any more. With my business growing quite rapidly, I needed a firm to give me advice on financial planning and investment. Most of the firms I found provide advice to only the big startups and so I was pleasantly surprised when I found that Avier offers their services to individuals, businesses, and families.

Since I was looking for a place to invest my extra cash flow, their advice to invest in low cost mutual funds with Dimensional Fund advisers came in very handy. I liked the fact that they gave me figures showing long-term projections of market drivers that convinced me to invest.

Right from the time I agreed to work with them, they gave me a three-member team composed of a client services associate, associate adviser, and a lead adviser. I loved the teleworking experience as my advisers worked in tandem to provide me with a highly personalized and customized financial planning experience. I do not know how they do it, but I would always have someone on hand to deal with any of my concerns or answer my questions on either phone or email.

Attention to detail and the long-term comprehensive strategy do not get any better than Avier Wealth Advisers. What I liked best about my experience is that my team asked me what my goals were and provided strategies and advice according to those goals. Since I am one risk averse person, I liked the fact that they took that into account and diversified my portfolio across different asset classes that I am confident will give me good returns over the long term.

As a woman, I liked the fact that in addition to its comprehensive approaches and team-based services, Avier declares that it is dedicated to providing women to achieve independence and financial education. Who better to work with then that Sailaza Easwari Pal who is a senior financial adviser. While I only worked intermittently with her, I loved it that I could work with a person who understands the challenges and goals of women. As far as I know, there is no other financial plann ing company in Bellevue, WA that provide such specialized services.

They do a great job at enhancing client knowledge. One of my most enjoyable sessions were the webinars, workshops, and client meetings where I got a lot of valuable financial planning and investment education, that made me understand my team's advice better. It was clear to see the firm cares about the success of its clients despite their net-worth.

The kicker for me was their research driven strategies. As a highly logical person, I always like to work with figures and projections. Avier Wealth advisors game me a simple data driven strategy that they assured me would minimize risk and emotion through diversification of investment. From the education they provided I found that most of their advice is founded on the most current financial research from well-respected finance theorists and practitioner. I am certain that I could not find a better financial adviser in Bellevue than Avier if I looked - but hey am not looking."

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