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   Real review of "Model Finance Inc" in Orange, CA!

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  Paul Koss sent us his review October 9, 2016.

  Visited address:
  1068 Town and Country Rd, Orange, CA 92868, USA

"I have always wanted to own a dirt bike that was of the highest quality that the market had to offer, but I knew that this was something that was out of my reach. A friend told me that I could get the total funding for the bike if I paid Model Finance Inc here in Orange, CA a visit and I must say that it was worth it. I was walked through the payment options that I had and what bike I was looking for. In jus twenty minutes of talking to the, I felt like I had already owned the bike and I had it not already. The fact that I was given flexible payment options is why I was jubilant and satisfied with service that I got from them. I also hope to get a bigger bike someday, but I got to finish paying this off first, and the interest is not high at all unlike other places that you would go to get funding for a dirt bike. Below are some of the best things that I found about Model Finance Inc.

Customer Service

The customer service that I got here was just nothing short of impeccable. I was greeted like I mattered to them just like everyone else in an expensive suit. You feel that you won't really be in comfortable place as soon as you walk in. Being talked to through all the options that you have given sound advice on what you should take according to your budget is another aspect of that company that I truly find amazing. Not many companies as I said are willing to do this and especially to low earning guys like me.

Flexible payment options

This is another part that I found to be one of the best actually as I do not have to make large fees or be deducted. These payment options are great, and you will find that you won't be swindled through high-interest rates as these are affordable as you are told. You are even walked through the entire papers just so that you can get a general feeling of the whole thing and if you still have your reservations, you can back out. Now I can enjoy my dirt bike without having to worry about a single thing as the payment options are great.

Fast and reliable service

This is another aspect of being in Model Finance Inc that is just breathtaking as you get to be serviced real quick so you can have fun with your newfound toy. The best thing about this is the fact that the company is reliable and you never have to worry about not getting what you want in time. I got my dirt bike in a very short number of days, and I still do not have to worry much about the payments option.

On a scale of 1-10, ten being the best financial service company you can get in Orange California, I’d say that it is a solid nine as they are efficient people."