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   Real review of "Go See Soutee" in Springfield, MO!

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  Maggie Schibler sent us her review August 4, 2016.

  Visited address:
  1525 E Republic Rd, Springfield, MO 65804, USA

"I wanted to own a house but I was looking for a financial company that will finance me but a lower interest rate and flexible payment options. At first, I wanted to go to major banks but one of my friend told to about Go See Soutee. I decided to give it a try and so I visited their main branch in Springfield, MO. Go See South is a financial institution that deals with home loans, mortgage, financing, debt consolidation, jumbo loans, rural development loans, VA loans as well as convectional loan. In my case, wanted a mortgage and below am going to review this company based on my personal experience.

1. Quality of customer care service

When it comes to quality of customer care service, I have to admit that I was impressed at first. They have a team of customer care experts who are very friendly and helpful. Unlike other financial institution that I visited before where I had to queue for a while before I get served, their customer service is very efficient and objective. They also offered satisfactory solutions to all my queries.

2. Interest rate

After extensive consultation with the loan officer, I was convinced that this was the right financial company to help me own my dream home. They were not only willing to offer me a mortgage that I asked for by they were also willing to help me look for my dream house. I finished all the paperwork involved and I was awarded the loan. I have paid the loan for 5 years now and I have to say that their interest rate is very high. In fact they keep changing the interest rate frequently sometime even without consulting me. They had as promised me that my payment plan will be flexible but that was not the case. Besides charging high interest rate they also give me so much pressure, something that am not happy about. They are very quick to issue a warning and fine whenever I delay paying my loan on time.

3. Consistency

When I first approached Go see Soutee, I was very impressed with the quality of customer care service that they offered and I knew they will walk with me throughout the entire journey. However, I later realized is that this financial institution is not consistent in offering quality customer care services to their clients. They are very friendly when a client approaches them but once the client has taken the loan, they don’t seem to care as they did before."