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   Real review of "Greater Kentucky Credit Union" in Lexington, KY!

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  Steven Baker sent us his review October 11, 2016.

  Visited address:
  1001 Red Mile Rd, Lexington, KY 40504, USA

"It’s clear right away that "Greater Kentucky Credit Union" (GKCU) takes care in the way they treat their customers. Their customer service has been fantastic for the entire time I’ve used them over the past year. They’re always friendly, always willing to help, and always fix their mistakes if there are any.

People generally use credit unions because they are friendlier than the big bank companies. Greater Kentucky Credit Union really encompasses this idea. When I go, I don’t feel as if I’m a customer. Instead, it feels like I’m talking with a group of people who genuinely want to help me with my finances. This makes me feel much more comfortable, putting them in the hands of such caring people as far as they're well known.

One of the major problems with Greater Kentucky Credit Union is that they aren’t able to operate the same hours that the big banks are. This makes it difficult to get in to speak to somebody in person, as I work regular business hours just like they do. Having to take a few hours off work to go in is not ideal. While this can be annoying, it isn’t a huge issue and isn’t enough of a problem to force me to stop using this credit union.

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Luckily, they have a great over the phone and online banking system. This helps me out a lot, as I can do most of my banking from home or the office. Instead of having to go into a branch and talk to somebody in person, I can operate over the phone or on my computer. This is one of the ways this credit union has made strides to match some of the services big banks offer. By doing so, Greater Kentucky Credit Union has managed to win over a lot of customers from the big banks around Lexington, KY.

Using a small branch like this also means that you can get to know the people who work with your money, which I think is an important thing. I’m familiar with nearly every employee who works in the branch that I use. This is great, as, again, it makes me feel comfortable knowing these people are handling my money. When a new person is hired, I introduce myself and make sure that I get to know them and they me. I feel like this personal connection means that the employees will also be more likely to look out for you when managing your accounts.

All in all, Greater Kentucky Credit Union is an excellent place to do business. I feel confident that they handle my finances with care and precision. In addition, I know that they will always provide friendly and helpful customer service. Despite their poor working hours, I still use them because of their service. If you can’t get into a physical branch, you can always use their online services or phone services! I would highly recommend using Greater Kentucky Credit Union if great customer service and employees are important factors for you when choosing a bank."