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   Real review of "Insight Financial Solutions, LLC" in Palm Bay, FL!

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  Michael Deater sent us his review October 5, 2016.

  Visited address:
  4520 Dixie Hwy NE, Palm Bay, FL 32905, USA

"While I was struggling with the idea of my startup and was thinking of basing on Palm Bay for the nice opportunities and market there, something came over my mind. There are lots of companies which start their business and shuts down, and they commit some common mistakes. And If I research a little on time, and become cautious not to commit the same mistake, then it would not just be good for the startup but also for the people whom I hire there. Another important thing I realized is the requirement of a financial guidance right from the very beginning, which only a locally based financial company can provide.

Hence after some research I finally filtered out Insight Financial Solutions of all the companies in my city, and started talking to their experts about my concerns. Eventually I learned some interesting things about finance, which can help many startups like mine, and also came to know about their services. Here, I would like to share my story from an unbiased point of view, so that people out there who are also planning to start their own business may get a direction.

Most of the startups plan it wrong with their taxation. The result is that they pay heavy taxes for those liabilities which they could have saved on getting timely tax consultation. So the first thing that the experts of Insight Financial Solutions taught me is to get a thorough entity Structuring done. This is also one of their services that they list on their services section. Later I compared their entity structuring with a few more finance consultants to find out that their path was already professional and worth following.

The next big thing they helped me plan was with the tax lien negotiations. This is quite important and only tax consultants and financial advisors with experience can handle such negotiations. Thankfully I found them to be almost 15 years experienced in this, which helped me a lot to get my tax lien reasonable.

They also told me that I do not have to keep a separate accounts department in my company to pay salary to employees for making mistakes on mistakes. Rather I can rely on them for all accounts related services. Rather the relation would go like an outsourcing, and I would only be paying them till the time I feel satisfied, and get all accounts file and data clear with revenue, profit and losses, showing up crystal clear. I agreed, and I am proud of that decision till date, as I am really impressed with the way they are taking care of my accounts. I still to date don’t have an accounting team in my office, and Insight Financial Solutions, Palm Bay Florida have been taking care totally.

The last thing that I was guided about by them was about the post service protection of my employees. Hence I was suggested that I let them explain their retirement system to my esteemed employees, so that they may live a better and relaxed retired life.

Hence, I would say that my experience with Insight Financial Solutions in Palm Bay (FL) was quite good. Till date I don’t feel the need to switch to some other financial company for the tax consultation and all, though I always do my part of research to stay confident."

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