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   Real review of "Company*" in Post Falls, ID!

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  Matt *** sent us his review August 17, 2016.

  Visited address:
  ***, Post Falls, ID 83854, USA

"Visited the "Company*" (sorry, we can not say the real name of the organization, at the request of the rightholders) in Post Falls, only to be pissed and disappointed. I came in early to get a title loan because the website and the storefront said it opens daily at 10:30 am, only to found the place still closed, and needed to wait until after lunch time before it was opened. By then, a few people of around seven or eight were waiting with me. When the lady manager finally came to open the store, I asked her why she was so late, but replied with a rude attitude that she was visiting the bank (Hello, you can visit the bank before 10:30).

Even worse, since the store opened late and there was a queue, she kind of multitasked in handling everyone at once, which actually slowed down everything and made me wait even longer. During my turn, she kept going back and forth for the application process for the guy who went before me. I was really upset by then but at the same time, I really needed the loan so I kept my mouth shut.

Short after 3 PM finally my loan was processed, I was so tired yet glad that it was approved, and I told myself never to deal with this company again and will pay off the loan as soon as possible. I got a year-long title contract which admittedly, a bit expensive, but was expected for these kinds of loans.

Six months went by and I always pay the loan on time, however, on the 7th month, I got a notice showing that I haven't paid the 6th payment. I thought it was a mistake, so I paid the 7th payment nonetheless. However, the next month's notice was showing that my 7th payment is now late, and I now have two number 6 receipts.

I called "Company*" for clarification, but they hung up the phone and not answering calls since then, and I attempted to fax them the receipts, but also didn't get any reply. Angry and pissed, I paid the 7th and 8th payment anyhow, because hiring a lawyer will cost me more than the payment itself, and I didn't want my car to be repossessed. I felt like it was a trap for people without a lot of money like me, where literally anything I could do will cost me more.

I tried contacting the main office, where they asked me to fax the receipts, but then I didn't get any reply at all from them, nobody seemingly would care to check and confirm my receipts! I finished paying the loan and thankfully no such thing was repeated, but I did lose $300 of 1-month payment for nothing, not to mention the high-interest rate I was already paying, what a money hungry company.

I definitely wouldn't recommend using their service due to my bad experience, I think somebody there stole my money and change the receipt or whatever, but I really regretted doing business with them."

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