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   Real review of "EZPAWN" in Green Bay, WI!

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  Ryan Boerst sent us his review October 10, 2016.

  Visited address:
  1766 University Ave, Green Bay, WI 54302, USA

"I had two bad experiences over pawning one item on EZpawn (They truly didn't deserve the name, nothing about them was easy). I was loaning my laptop, an Acer predator in an almost mint condition, of which I was not willing to let go if not for an emergency financial situation (my mom had a medical condition and had no one else to help).

I visited the EZPAWN branch on the University Avenue, Green Bay, and had to wait over 3 hours until my short-term loan finally went through. The manager said he had to call his big boss, and he went to the back for more than an hour before he finally showed up. What a service for a store showing 'fast and excellent service' signs everywhere.

After he had gone back and forth about the approval for more than 2 hours, I was basically saying that it's okay, and I'll try a different place. Then he told me to wait once more, and again he went back to the store to 'make some calls'.

Finally, the wait is over and the amount I asked for was approved, and I had a pawn sticker contract for 30-days. What a real waste of time, ends up spending over three hours, but thankfully I got what I need, I told myself back then.

A month went by and I went back there to get my laptop back since I got the money prepared. However, I was devastated to find out that they couldn't find my laptop everywhere! At first, the guy told me that I was late with my payment, making up lies that I should have made the payment BEFORE the date shown on the receipt, and they have gotten the right to sell the item. Never before in my experience with ANY financial institutions that I had to pay BEFORE the 'due date', and the exact date is considered late.

After I argued so hard about it, and asked him to show any written rules about such condition. Of course, he couldn't show any, and I threatened to call the police and let them deal with the situation. After that, he suddenly changed his statement and told me that he thought the tag is switched with another similar laptop. I knew my laptop was kinda rare, and I highly doubted another similar laptop was pawned during the same day. He told me he will try to look for it and will call me when he found it.

I was really furious and told him I'm not willing to wait, and I would want the laptop now or refund me for the full price of the laptop. He told me it was not possible and assured me that he will call me back. Well, a full week has gone by and no calls, and when I gave them a call, they basically hung up and said that it's not found yet. I think will call the police now and see if they can resolve this situation."