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   Real review of "Cornerstone Mortgage" in Green Bay, WI!

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  Chuck Delfosse sent us his review November 3, 2016.

  Visited address:
  1830 W Mason St, Green Bay, WI 54303, USA

"I would never use Cornerstone Mortgage in my life again..!

They almost made me and my family homeless, had me jumping through the hoops for two months, back and forth, and by the end of that time, they still manage to take their 'fees' from my credit card as though they are doing their job.

I always loved the Green Bay area and last year, 2015, when I finally found an option to buy a nice house in the area, I was so excited and was immediately shopping for lenders. I gave Cornerstone a call, a decision that, I still regret to this day, and a broker named Adam was handling my case. I did everything he asked and prepared all the necessary paperwork, and he basically said that I was pre-approved.

I took him more than two weeks to just process the paperwork, making my realtor and the homeowner paranoid. And as you can guess, Adam keep delaying me with more paperwork, paperwork, and paperwork, sometimes even asked me for things I did offer him but he said it was okay. I had even sold my house based on his pre-approval promise and ended up having to lease a place, which added additional cost, not to mention that I had to re-deliver my furniture several times.

There was even a period of several days when Cornerstone won't return my calls, driving me crazy and I was so ashamed to my realtor and the seller. Thankfully the homeowner was not in a hurry, and there were no other buyers for the house at that time. He did advise me to try another lender, though, but I was afraid that it would cost me more.

Finally, after two months, Adam said that my loan was not approved! I was so angry and devastated, but he simply said sorry that he misunderstood my needs. How can he misunderstood my needs after intense communications of almost two months, he could have told me in the first place so I could have gone to another lender. Not to mention, a few minutes later they debited their so-called 'fees' from my credit card. I was so mad I almost threw my phone when I got the notification text.

Thankfully, my realtor offered me another mortgage lender, and everything was finished in just over three weeks! Cornerstone simply never stand by the customer and neglected their responsibilities which not only cost me money for their fees, but for a lease I didn't really need, furniture storage and delivery, and ultimately, my time. Not to mention I was so ashamed that I also indirectly wasted my realtor and the seller's time. Thankfully they are both very nice person and understood my problem, and I should have listened to my realtor when she said not to use Cornerstone.

Buying a home is a very serious decision. We recommend never skimp on the choice of realtor (you can pay for his work by using online payday loan in Green Bay if you don't have enough money).

I do not recommend this company. So unprofessional, there was no transparency and such a waste of money and time. Read other reviews saying similar things, maybe a class-action lawsuit is necessary?"