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   Real review of "Cash Store" in Green Bay, WI!

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  Michael Vesely sent us her review October 30, 2016.

  Visited address:
  2030 E Mason St Ste J, Green Bay, WI 54302, USA

"About six months ago, I decided to take a payday loan from a Cash Store branch in East Mason Street, Wisconsin. There was a pressing need I'd need to tackle before the next paycheck and the Cash Store branch in question was the closest from my house, so I decided to give them a visit.

I have to say that my visit was generally a good experience, the lady who handled me was very nice, explained the loan process and what's needed with patience and care, and I even remembered exchanging jokes and laugh. The process was quite straightforward, I filled up some application, signed my check for the payment dated the next month, and I got the money I needed.

A month went by, and they cashed my check I've signed before, I gave a call to the store asking whether there was any problem with my check, and they said no problem, asking in return if I'd like a receipt. Since I was a bit busy the next day, I said that it's okay.

Two months went by without any problem, and in fact, I have forgotten about the loan until suddenly I got a call claiming to be 'collections department' of Cash Store. The guy on the phone was extremely rude, accusing me of stealing money and not paying my debt. I was extremely confused and upset, and I yelled back at the guy that I didn't owe any money anymore. He replied that I gave them a blank check and the payment didn't go through, and now I still owe them the money plus the late fees.

I was overwhelmed since I did check whether my check was okay, and I really regretted not getting that receipt. I hung up the phone and since It was still early in the day, I visited the Cash Store branch immediately. After I explained my situation, the lady called the 'store manager' to handle me, which was extremely rude, and immediately accused me of fraud. I told him that if my check was faulty, my bank would have noticed me, he dismissed that answer and demanded my bank statement to 'proof' my case.

I visited my bank the next day, and I got the bank statement where the exact amount written on my check was indeed debited on the exact date written. The bank employee advised me against giving my bank statement to a third-party, but I really wanted to just get it over with.

I gave the bank statement to Cash Store and they dismissed the case, without saying sorry or anything, what a really rude manner after making a mistake. Well, I learned my lesson, ALWAYS get your receipt for any kinds of financial things, and be more careful next time.

However, it was indeed a very bad experience and a waste of time, and I really wouldn't recommend dealing with them, there is plenty of other places around."