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Real review of "Affinity Plus Federal Credit Union" in Minneapolis, MN!

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  Scott Peterson sent us his review July 22, 2016.

  Visited address:
  2520 University Ave SE, Minneapolis, MN 55414, USA

"I frequented the Affinity Plus Federal Credit Union on University Avenue, SE Minneapolis since it is located very close to my workplace. All I can say is I have received nothing short of excellent service during all my experiences. They always open on time, the queues are always reasonable (not too busy), and the tellers are very nice and informative.

Their online chat and phone call services are also excellent, and I always got my problem solved in a reasonable amount of time. The online chat, especially, is in my opinion, exceptional, as I've never experienced such an excellent service from other services before, both financial or not.

In short, I think I'll never go back to a standard big bank. Leaving the Bank of America and Wells Fargo was the best thing I ever did! Never regretted it.

My best experience, however, was when I approached them for my mortgage. It was my first house purchase, and I was kinda nervous about the whole process. They proofed me wrong! And all my paranoia was for nothing. I had an appointment with a mortgage officer. Sadly I can't remember her name, since this was slightly more than a decade ago, but I remembered her being a very nice lady and really had done her job well. She really made me and my wife (newlyweds back then) feel well-taken care off and was very patient in guiding us through all the whole thing. Didn't regretted one bit about giving her the commission!

We put an offer, gave her the purchase agreement, and the process went very smooth. There was a little paperwork problem for a week or so but was resolved quickly and we finally own our own house.

There was also one other time when they wired my money to someone in Japan by accident. It was a big amount of $10,000. I was furious at first. I had to email the guy in Japan (thankfully he can speak English fluently), and after a couple trips to the credit union office for paperwork, the money was transferred back, along with compensation. It was resolved in only four days. Well, although it was an unpleasant experience, I guess accidents happen, and Affinity, for me, still deserved praise for making it right in a relatively short amount of time, and a good intention with the compensation (well, in the end, I was profiting a bit.)

After the 'accident', I think they kind of marked my account (and my face), so their service became nicer and they knew me by name. That was my one and only bad experience with them, and over the years, I have never been charged with hidden charges of any amounts, which I often got from other banks previously. Overall it's a very good experience with them, and I'd definitely recommend it for anyone, especially the branch on University Avenue. Dear Affinity, please continue to provide excellent services for your customers, great job!"

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