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   Real review of "The Unbank" in Minneapolis, MN!

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  Maggie Martyn sent us her review October 18, 2016.

  Visited address:
  812 E Lake St, Minneapolis, MN 55407, USA

"I had an overall good experience with Unbank, as I used almost all their services from cashing checks to paying my bills. Their branch at E Lake Street Minneapolis very close to my place so is always my first choice for my financial needs.

They tend to be very busy sometimes, and I kinda feel they are short staffed, so I tend to avoid busy hours, one or two hours before their closing hours. However, one day I came in a bit late to cash in my check, roughly 20 minutes before their closing time, and they closed early! Kind of wasted my cab fare, and thankfully I still got some money left to pay for the cab, imagine if cashing my check was my only hope!

They tend to be very friendly and informative, and were really helpful in a lot of times. However, one day when I was at the branch, I found out that they can be pretty rude to customers with unpaid debts. I saw a lady being yelled by the manager because she tried to cash in her check while still having unpaid loans to UnBank, and the cash was confiscated immediately. I found that situation kind of unpleasant, I didn't know the resolution to that case as it was not mine, but I'm sure wouldn't want to be in that situation.

I've also taken loans through UnBank before, and the process was very simple and straightforward, and the clerks who handled me was very informative in explaining my options, interest rates, terms, etc. I've always kept a pretty okay credit score, so I've never got any difficulties in applying for loans with UnBank. I've also paid my loans in due time, so I cannot directly comment on their collection process.

However, my very close friend who used the same branch was behind with his payment, and he told me that the collection agency was pretty rude, and he was really stressed because of the process. It was kinda expected from any bank, or any financial institutions, though, after all, your loan is your responsibility. Gladly he was able to pay off the loan finally, and the harassment has stopped since then. Lesson learned: pay your debts, and don't take any you won't be able to pay.

Long story short, the UnBank on E Lake Street, Minneapolis was as expected with any banks. The real plus point for them is I've never gotten any sudden and hidden charges I often got from my previous bank. Their service was good but tends to be very busy especially earlier on the day. I wished they can solve their staffing problem, as the queues are sometimes, really really long. Also, please stop closing 15-20 minutes earlier than your stated closing hours, as it can cost people their money and time. I even saw customers banging on their door because they were closed early, and I guess they are really desperate to cash their check or something."

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