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   Real review of "OneMain Financial" in Minneapolis, MN!

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  Britta Tobin sent us her review August 21, 2016.

  Visited address:
  5109 Minnetonka Blvd, Minneapolis, MN 55416, USA

"A few years back, I relied on overtime just to help me get ahead. Sadly, even with all the overtimes, I struggled from paycheck to paycheck with all the utility bills, rent, groceries, and gas I always needed to pay, and as you might have guessed, the situation was more than depressing. As with many people in my situation, we need that one big breakthrough to take us away from the stalemate and move us forward in life, but was stuck simply to make ends meet day by day and month by month.

I had a business idea back then, and I was looking for investors to no avail. I had the utmost confidence in it, though, and I really thought it would work (I was proven right after all, but that's for the later part of the story.)

After I sought my family and friends for investments without any results, I decided that maybe taking a loan was my only option. Even when I mentioned that, my family told me that starting a business with a loan is such a bad idea. (What other options do I have? I always wondered why there will always be naysayers every time you're starting a business.)

Finally, I went online searching for a loan, and I found Onemain Financial that way. After I read the online reviews, which were mostly positive, I decided to fill their online application. I have to be honest, what attracted me the most was the fact that you would only need a monthly income of $1,000 to be eligible for their service, and my income was (only) slightly above that number.

From their website, I found out that they have several loan options, from 1-hour loans (which really sounded too good to be true), Installment loans (great for those living paycheck to paycheck like me), Line of Credit loans, cash advance, payday loans, and many more. Shortly after I filled my application, I got a call from a guy named Jude from Onemain financial, which was a terribly nice guy and very informative. He asked me about my needs, and after I explained my situation, he suggested that an installment loan is indeed the best option for my needs and situations, and he proceeded to process it for me. What I really liked was that he didn't give me any empty promises, and kept my expectation realistic while being supportive at the same time.

Long story short, a few days later my loan was approved and I got the capital I needed. A short month later, my business was up and running, and although starting it was also a struggle, it was a really fun experience. I quitted my job a little over 6 month since then and went full time with my business ever since. Now, not only that I can no longer live paycheck, my business is profitable and my loan from One Main Financial was paid. I really have to thank this company for the big opportunity, and I am a living proof that as long as you do it wisely and well-planned, starting a business on a loan can be profitable. Thank you again!"