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   Real review of "OneMain Financial" in Olathe, KS!

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  David Ronsick sent us his review November 9, 2016.

  Visited address:
  Santa Fe Square Shopping Center, 13511 S Mur-Len Rd #131, Olathe, KS 66062, USA

"I have kind of a mixed experience with OneMain Financial, the branch in question was the one in Santa Fe Square, Olathe. I was in need of an unsecured loan back a few months ago, and I found LendingTree while browsing online for my options. On a side note, LendingTree is a very good online platform to connect you with lenders and is definitely a good place for those with those needs.

Long story short, a guy named Jared from OneMain gave me a call about my online application through LendingTree, explained the process, and told me to come to their nearest branch, which for me, was the one in Santa Fe Square. The process was very simple and straightforward, and the guy who handled me was very nice, supportive, and informative, and the very next day, I got the cash I really needed.

I got a 1-year loan contract of $2,000. I have to admit, the interest rate was quite high, but was as expected from any unsecured loan. A few months went by, and unfortunately, 2 months ago I lost my job, and until now I'm still struggling to find a replacement. As you might guess, I couldn't pay my loan payment ever since, and that's when my experience with OneMain suddenly changed.

When I told them that I would be unable to pay my loan, they immediately changed their stance towards me. From nice guys to rude and disrespectful people. I mean, I understood that the payment is a responsibility, and I could understand their treatment, but losing my job was not something I intended, and accidents do happen.

I also got a lot of harassing calls and visits from 'collection' which were terrible people. I really want to pay the money and fulfill my responsibilities, but I really don't have the cash at the moment and I'm really struggling to find a new job. I asked OneMain to make adjustments to my loan contract, or some leniency so that I can concentrate on finding a job and be free from the stress of the collection process since I don't have the money anyway, but they said that they can't help me and accused me of fraud.

Bottom line, I learned my lesson not to take unsecured loans since it is, after all, 'unsecured'. On situations like mine, their collection process is an absolute nightmare. I know that being unable to pay for my loan is my own mistake, but I'm sure it's a thing that happened often to them, and I really hoped that they can be more supportive and help look for a solution since I'm not running away or deceiving them as they were accusing me. Make sure you can pay your loans before taking any, although accidents do happen and sometimes it's kind of unexpected, as with my situation. I'm so depressed and I hope someone from OneMain will read this and help with my situation."

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