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   Real review of "Nix Neighborhood Lending" in Rialto, CA!

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  Tom Laughrey sent us his review November 13, 2016.

  Visited address:
  282 E Baseline Rd, Rialto, CA 92376, USA

"I was looking for payday loan options since I just moved to Rialto, and won't get my salary until the next 2 weeks, so desperately in need of money, and I got my job contract etc. ready so I hoped I can use it to take a payday loan. Since I haven't got a chance to know the new area yet, I looked up online for my options and stumbled upon Nix Neighborhood Lending on Baseline Road, which was pretty close to where I live at, so I decided to give it a try.

When I came, the place was kinda busy with a long queue, and there's only one lady serving behind the bulletproof glass. She's kinda slow with her services too, so I had to spend almost 45 minutes queuing until my turn. I wished they weren't so understaffed! However, when it was finally my turn, I found out that she was really nice, and was very informative in explaining things. Since I haven't started my job yet, she said that a loan was impossible, at first, but she said she'll give her 'manager' a call, and see if there's anything they can do. She told be to leave a copy of my paperwork and will give me a call.

However, after a few days, I didn't get the call I was desperate for, as I was really running out of cash. I decided to give them a visit again, and again, I had to deal with the even longer queue than before. Another lady served me that day, but she was totally rude. She told me that she wasn't told about my situations, and can't find my paperwork anywhere. I was really furious, and I really didn't like her attitude. I decided to give up on them and will start looking for other options.

However, the very next day I got a call from Nix, telling me that my loan was pre-approved! I was so relieved so I gave them a visit again, this time a little earlier so I wouldn't have to deal with the long queue. I was wrong, though, it's still another long queue I had to experience. Really, If they are always this busy, why wouldn't they add another cashier?

I told the lady (this time, the nice lady is serving me, so yay) that I got a call, and she already got everything prepared. To be honest, I found out that their interest rates are pretty high compared to when I was in Kansas. I thought it was the state laws, but later own I found out that other payday loan places give slightly better rates. Since I was desperate, I took the loan and have paid it back. Overall it was a mixed experience for me. I'm glad they did help me out with my unusual situation (a contract but no job yet), but the long queues are really unpleasant."