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   Real review of "Alpha Pawn & Jewelry" in Olathe, KS!

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  Melanie Ambrose sent us her review October 17, 2016.

  Visited address:
  115 S Clairborne Rd, Olathe, KS 66062, USA

"I used to love Alpha Pawn on Clairborne Road, Olathe, and I had a lot of good experiences with them. Their appraisal rate was always a bit low, but they are pretty close to my house and the owners are always nice to me.

However, last month I had to fall behind on my cell phone, and I really had a bad experience with them that day. I called them to give me some leniency, and they said that they are willing to give me a week, and they won't sell my phone until then. However, I was very disappointed to come a week later only to find out my phone was already sold. I was confused and furious, and I mentioned that they had agreed to wait for me. And I was really angry that they didn't give me at least a call to confirm since I might be able to rush to the store and get my phone before it was sold a few days back. At the very least, I can come in and get my data wiped first. In fact, I don't know how they can sell it in the first place since the phone was still locked with my fingerprint and password and all that.

It was my first time to fall behind with them, but now I know that their words can't be trusted. When I confronted the owner, he dismissed the issue and said that an employee mistakes the phone for being sellable, and was really sorry about it. I bought some items from them before, and during all those times, the owners always have to approve the sales, so I knew that he was lying and he would have known about the so-called 'mistake', what a ripoff!

If only they were upfront and didn't give empty promise, I would be totally okay, it was really the promise that really disappoints me. I find the apology kinda half-hearted, too, and he didn't make any effort to make it right. Well, at least can offer me a phone for a cheap price? I guess. Anything, in fact, would make me feel better about the situation instead of an empty sorry.

I know that paying late is totally my fault, and I already knew that again, pawning your things will mean you are ready to part with them. But really, they shouldn't give any false hope about the leniency, I really trusted them with their words.

I guess I'll never come back to use their service ever again, I was really disappointed! To think about it, as I mentioned they rates are pretty terrible, and the only reason for me using them instead of other pawn shops nearby was what I thought to be a long-standing customer relationship, but apparently I was really wrong. If any of the owners read this, please stand by your words next time for other people, it was a really disappointing experience for me, and sadly you've just lost a customer who brought you a lot of profits over all these years.

I was always a bit hesitant about using credit unions for my financial needs, but apparently, I was wrong the whole time! I switched over to the Mainstreet Credit Union on Lamar Avenue ever since I moved to Olathe, and I can't say enough that my experiences there are a lot better than in my previous so-called 'big' banks."

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