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   Real review of "Mainstreet Credit Union" in Olathe, KS!

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  Kate Coleman sent us her review September 27, 2016.

  Visited address:
  101 W Loula St, Olathe, KS 66061, USA

"I originally came across Mainstreet when I was shopping for a car loan since I needed a new car in Kansas. I had shopped five big banks on the area before, and I had to say I was very disappointed with the experiences. At each one of them, I couldn't personally speak to anyone to discuss the loan, and I had to fill some applications just to get all the empty promises that they will send it to their 'auto loan dept'. For each of them, it took at least two weeks just to get the call from that 'auto loan dept.'

I finally went over to Mainstreet, to be honest, I didn't set my expectation high, but I was really surprised at how great their service was. As soon as I inquire for the car loan, the lady who handled me immediately called the branch manager, who took me into his office and IMMEDIATELY went over my credit report right then. After just 30 minutes or so, the loan was pre-approved and processed. I was incredibly impressed with how their services were so fast compared to all the other banks I went to. Not to mention, the rates was also very good, if not the best compared to the others.

I decided immediately to move my account to the Mainstreet Credit Union, and never looked back to regular banks ever since. A few months later, I had an unfortunate problem with my finances, and I won't be able to pay the car loan that month. I gave Mainstreet a call, and without many questions, they gave me a 2-weeks leniency period and wished me luck about my problem. I was so prepared for a yelling, or rude phone calls, and even was kind of afraid of my car being repossessed, but turns out, I got everything the other way around.

The only downside is that they don't have too many ATM locations around town, of which big banks could have one every two blocks or so, but it is kind of bearable.

The Mainstreet Credit Union, being a small bank, always provide excellent services and always outdone my expectations. I tried other credit union banks since then, but none of them matched Mainstreet for their services and their care for customers. Be aware, however, as they are a credit union, their protection for online transactions and identity theft might not be as good as big, insured banks, so be careful about your online transactions if you are using their cards.

I'd definitely recommend Mainstreet to anyone, and I never got any hidden fees and interest increases I often got from other banks. Excellent!"

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