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   Real review of "OneMain Financial (CitiFinancial)" in Tulsa, OK!

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  Sarah Kaye sent us her review March 18, 2016.

  Visited address:
  3602 E 51st St, Tulsa, OK 74135, USA

"My mortgage was sold to CitiFinancial back in 1999. I originally owed $42,000 to The Associates, which lost a big class action lawsuit back in 1999, sold all their accounts to CitiFinancial.

In 2001, we received a letter from Citifinancial, because the class action was finally settled. However, the payoff amount stated in the letter was now $103,989 instead of the original $42,000. We demanded explanations, but the associates told me that it was not the actual amount (then why put it there?). I was suspicious, but because the guy convinced me, I decided to let of it and even purchased an employment insurance. They said that the insurance was being paid off first.

Fast forward 2 years later, I was laid off by my previous employer, and as a result will need to file some paperwork to cover my payments. Citifinancial suggested, well, not suggested, kind of forced me to cash my insurance to cover 30% of my monthly mortgage payment. However, as they made it very clear that I no longer had any insurance on my home loan, I was surprised to see the amount owed on my monthly billing was not reduced, still $103,000 after 2 years of payments. They again told me not to worry about it. I was kind of furious about it, and I asked to meet a manager. I did meet a branch manager, who explained the situation only to get me more confused than before. I began to think it was all fake excuses, and I think they also didn't understand the problem, maybe some sort of paperwork mistake too complicated to correct, or straight up lies.

Because my employment condition has not improved, I again asked CitiFinancial for a solution, and they suggested that I took a 'loan modification' to lower my monthly payments. Again I asked them to correct my loan amount if it's really not an 'actual number' but they kept going back and forth and I didn't get any solution.

Fast forward again to 2011 and again, they are rebranding to 'One Main Financial'. They requested me to pay $1,200 for another loan modification because of the rebranding, which I was really confused about. They are rebranding and I needed to pay? I visited their office at the Country Club Plaza, Tulsa to demand an explanation, and I figured as they are rebranding, maybe this time they can answer my 'amount owed' problem. Guess what? I got the same answer, and they said that there's nothing I can do about it. After all these years, my payoff amount stayed the same at $103,000.

I finally called an attorney that advice me to stop paying and file for bankruptcy. I was devastated! I am the one who should go into bankruptcy just to protect myself from their lies, while they can still go on making money out of making lies?

I haven't read a single positive review from its CitiFinancial days, and maybe that's the reason they were rebranding. However, even after their rebranding, they still can't do things right. How can a $42,000 loan turn to $103,000 loan after 20 years of payment?"