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   Real review of "Speedy Cash" in Chicago, IL!

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  Sam Yagan sent us his review November 23, 2016.

  Visited address:
  8701 S Cottage Grove Ave, Chicago, IL 60619, USA

"I used Speedy Cash on many occasions now, and I have to say, they do live up to their name 'speedy.' I frequented the branch at South Cottage Grove, Chicago, and I have to say I experienced some of the fastest customer services I've yet to have from many financial institutions. Everybody there are nice, friendly, informative, and most importantly to me, not judgmental, unlike many places providing bad credit loans. Seemingly, a lot of these places assumed we are all uneducated and poor people for giving them a visit, always treating us with those assumptions.

On Speedy Cash, I was always treated with respect, and they are all very friendly. Recently, since I frequented taking their loans quite a lot, they taught me of their online application processes. I am 55 this year, and as with many people my age, kinda a technology illiterate, so I can feel the pain of the young lady when teaching me. Nevertheless, she was very patient and really done her job well. I really liked this new online application thing, in fact, simply fill the online application, print it out, and bring it to the nearest Speedy Cash. No extra paperwork necessary! The Speedy has just become speedier (pun intended).

During all these years, I won't say I've never got any bad experience since that would be a lie. Once, I got a call claiming to be Speedy Cash accusing me of fraud. The guy on the phone said that I hadn't paid my loan, around $6,000 accrued with interests and late fees. I was really shocked and furious, as I've always paid my loans on time, and I never borrowed that much of an amount. He said it was a $1,200 loan back in 2008, but with interests, the amount has become $6,000! How outrageous!

I hung up the phone, and since it was still early, visited the Speedy Cash shop immediately. I was furious at first to the lady who handled me, but as I explained the situation of the phone call, she assured me not to worry and she's sure it was just a fraud. She gave her branch manager a call and the manager showed up a while after that, saying the same thing. He said that frauds like this are often, and he gave me a form to report my situation. He said not to worry if the calls happen again and I wouldn't need to answer.

I was really relieved, and I was impressed with how they handled things. The guy called me the day after, and I yelled at him telling that he was reported, and not to call me anymore. He hadn't ever since.

There are a lot of things I liked from the Speedy Cash, but especially their customer service and speed. Their rates are a bit high. However I find that they are a bit lower compared to similar companies offering payday loans or title loans. Thank you Speedy Cash for all the great services!"