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   Real review of "Think Mutual Bank" in Rochester, MN!

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  Michael Walters sent us his review September 24, 2016.

  Visited address:
  3605 Hwy 52 N, Rochester, MN 55903, USA


"Since the financial crash of 2007, not many banks can be trusted. They have become highly complex, and they have become too-big-to-fail. Not to forget the ways in which they provide credit to buy homes and cars, only to know that much of our annual rates have hiked after a few years of payments. Moreover, even the credit cards we have can get confusing as there are funds hold up days that no one knows why do they exist. But then there are small banks who do care about their customers and help provide plausible customer services at the end.

"Think Mutual Bank", operated from Rochester, Minnesota, is a small bank of only over 270 employees and was found in 2007, after being changed to a mutual bank from a previous credit union operated by IBM employees. However, the bank is stable and is rated A+. What is surprising about the bank is positive customer reviews and employee endorsements that are hard to find now. Many of the employees have been satisfied with the pay, the environment in which they work and also the way their queries are responded to. But there are some cons, which are present in every business. Many employees also feel that the bank is more or less highly centralized, which gives very less opportunity to grow as an individual. The career ladder is not well defined, but still, many of the employees would recommend it as their first jobs, a place where learning is always possible.

Many of the customers are also satisfied with the banking activities and the way it tries to engage them. The products the bank offer range from credit cards to loans and mortgages, as well as savings and other checking accounts. However, it is surprising that there are not many complaints that one as a customer may face. The bank is very curtious and treats its customers with the utmost respect, which at current times is hard to find. After the financial crisis highlighted that bank executives are highly greedy and always wish to gain more and more bonuses, it is not evident with the Think Mutual Bank. There has never been any scandal reported, nor there has been any federal inquiry over its operations. Many customers have even said that the bank has always advised on critical issues when needed, while correspondence with the bank over the telephone or through the mail is never a hassle.

Another great aspect of the bank is the way it has helped its long-term depositors and customers. There have been instances when long-term customer relationship has been rewarded at the bank, such as by waiving off late payment fees on credit card payments and mortgage payments. The bank has always been responsible for the way its products are placed.

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Since it is a small bank and has little over ten branches, it has never tried to run any sales campaigns that can result in cross-selling activities. Currently, Wells Fargo & Co is under investigation for cross-selling and making millions of fake bank accounts. Their former CEO John Stumpf resigned last week after coming under pressure from the United States Senate Representatives. Such incidents and activities are a rare occurrence at the Think Mutual Bank, and many of its customers wish it remains this way forever."