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   Real review of "Alliant Credit Union" in Chicago, IL!

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  Akilah Terry sent us her review September 30, 2016.

  Visited address:
  233 S Wacker Dr #435, Chicago, IL 60606, USA

"I used to be really skeptical about using a credit union. However, now that I think about it, what do big banks have over credit union nowadays? If you are absolutely honest with yourself, here is the truth: when using big banks you have the luxury of having ATMs every couple of blocks, and you have the 'prestigious' card deals and reward points, and that's basically it. After trying a lot of banks and finally decided to try out credit unions, I found out that credit unions do every other aspect better.

I lost my job back in California and I had to move to Chicago a few years back because I got a new job in Chicago. I was in quite a bad shape financially, and I was looking for options to refinance my car loan. I shopped my loans in big central banks, and credit unions alike, and although I expected credit unions would give me better rates, I didn't think that the differences will be very significant. Most credit unions gave me around 3.5% APY, while banks offered me 6% and above, with some even rejected my loans. A few years back when I initially purchased the car, I got a 4.5% interest rate when my credit score was better, so I was really surprised to get offers better than that when my score is (a lot) worse.

My choice ended up being the Alliant Credit Union at South Wacker Drive. They didn't only offer a great interest rate at 3.12%, but they also gave me the maximum 3-years repayment plan. I was also impressed with how easy the application process was. With how amazing their loan processes and rates, I asked them about moving my checking and savings account, and their rates were incredible, so I didn't hesitate in opening my accounts.

I cannot stress enough how happy I am now and I didn't regret a single bit about making the switch to Alliant. Their rates are better, they always provide excellent services, and the queues are a lot less stressful than going to your central banks. Credit unions in general, and especially Alliant, always shows more care to their customers, but most importantly, the great rates they offer for both loans and savings will promise you better returns for your money.

The only downsides, as I've mentioned before, are that it's sometimes hard to find their ATMs and branches, and their online payment system, especially for non-visa loans is less sophisticated than bigger banks, and will sometimes require several manual transfers that may take several days to process. If you are taking a loan from them, make sure you plan your payments ahead.

Other than that, everything about Alliant is very easy to setup, very significantly better rates over other banks including other credit unions, and their customer service is incredible. Their ATM service also offers cashback of up to $20 a month. Simply amazing! I am really happy with the switch to Alliant, and am certainly a decision I'll never regret."