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   Real review of "RMP Lenders" in Fontana, CA!

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  Devin Miller sent us her review November 20, 2016.

  Visited address:
  17218 E Foothill Blvd, Fontana, CA 92335, USA

"I have to be honest with you, I was stupid to take the loan from RPM lenders at the first place. The branch in question was the one at the Foothill Boulevard, Fontana,

If it wasn't for an absolute emergency, I wouldn't have taken the loan in the first place. I was in a very bad shape financially and I couldn't pay my hospital bills, and with very poor credit score, I had to venture to the realm I was unfamiliar with, the world of bad credit options. Since my car was the only reliable 'asset' I had, a title loan seemingly is my only last resort option. They gave me a loan of $3,000 for a car worth around $14,000, according to the blue book.

The APR was, admittedly, very… very bad at 184%, but since I was really desperate, and since my family member promised to be able to help in around two months’ time, I took the loan, knowing the fact that I would need to pay more than $400 per month in interest. It's very saddening for me to know that there are people like them who took advantage from people who are in bad shapes and desperate for money, the only equivalent I can think of right now is a blood-sucking vampire.

I justified that I would just pay them with the money I'll get from my family, and forget this situation as soon as I paid them. However, I made a bad parking decision and had to accept the fact that my car was towed by the city, further complicating my financial situations. I literally had no money left, and I would need to make a choice between paying the city Auto Return (I had previous parking tickets unpaid too), or paying the RPM loan first.

I chose to pay RPM first, and I'd need to wait for a week before I'll get the fund to pay the parking tickets. However, RPM lenders took my car from the Auto Return before I'd been able to pay it. Mind you, I was never late on my payments with them, and I had $0 in past due. Even worse, they never gave me a call to confirm the situation. I gave them a call every day telling them that it was a mistake, and my car shouldn't have been repossessed, but they told me that they legally own the car now (hello, learn your legalities first), and can do whatever with it unless I pay around $5,000 of my full loan and the money they'd spent on the auto return and other ridiculous fees I've never heard of. An absolute ripoff!

Now I'm stuck, I literally had no money to make any legal move, as hiring a lawyer will also be expensive, and I won't have the $5,000 which is a different figure every time I call. They took my valuable car that I'll need for my job, and left me with more problems than before taking their loan. Stay away from them."