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   Real review of "Wells Fargo Bank" in Fontana, CA!

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  Justin Tyler sent us his review October 8, 2016.

  Visited address:
  11205 Sierra Ave, Fontana, CA 92337, USA

"I was a long time user of Wells Fargo, and since I had to move to Fontana a few years back, I used the branch at Sierra Avenue ever since. It's located a bit far from my house, but I didn't wanna move my account to Bank of America or Chase, I had to settle with it. It was a 20 minutes drive from home, so at first, I guessed it's kind of bearable since I didn't frequent banks a lot.

However, in my opinions, this branch of Wells Fargo is simply the worse, at least out of all those branches I visited before I moved to Fontana from Orlando. This branch on Sierra Avenue is simply always busy all the time! Well, being a Wells, busy is kinda expected. However, I simply feel that the employees here never do their job well. Even with long queues around, seemingly there's always only three teller windows open, and seven or eight other employees slacking off and chatting with each other, sometimes you can hear them chatting about personal stuff which might be offensive for customers, and they were saying it out loud.

Even worse, the tellers are all so chatty and unprofessional, always telling corny jokes and making useless conversations with all customers, making the long wait even longer than necessary. Always expect to spend at least 45-minutes in this branch. I was told that coming in one or two hours before their closing time will be a great idea, as they will be less busy. Oh boy, how could it be more wrong! Not only the long queue is still there, now there are only two tellers open! Not only that they are lazy, seemingly a lot of them like to come home early.

My worse experience was when I was shopping for a car loan. I used Wells-Fargo's auto loan before with a great experience, so of course, again, this branch of Wells-Fargo was my first choice. However, not only I have to deal with the long queue, as always, nobody there seemingly has any idea about an auto loan application. They simply only asked me to fill an application, and they will 'give me a call' after they forward the application the unseen 'loan department'. It took more than two weeks before I got that call, asking for more paperwork only to have my application DENIED another two weeks. I had an excellent credit score and auto loan history with Wells-Fargo, and I suspected they denied my application because I complained and compared them to my older branches.

I always liked Wells-Fargo. However, this branch convinced me to move on to a credit union instead. So unprofessional and such a waste of time. I was told that the branch at Sierra Lake is better, but I simply have given up on them. If someone at Wells Fargo read this, please fix the branch at Sierra Avenue, such a disappointment and you just lost a long standing customer."

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