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   Real review of "Clearwater Mortgage" in Clearwater, FL!

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  Peter Tragos sent us his review October 2, 2016.

  Visited address:
  700 Cleveland St, Clearwater, FL 33755, USA

"I got a new job and had to move to Clearwater, Florida back in 2015, and I was looking to purchase a new house as soon as I moved in. Some of my new co-workers back then recommended Clearwater Mortgage, so I decided to give it a shot.

After I had found the house I like, I gave them a call, along with several other banks for my option. To be honest, I was really disappointed with my experience with some so-called 'big banks', and 'professional loan brokers', not only they took so long to process seemingly anything, they keep giving me wrong advice and directions that cost me both my time and money.

Clearwater actually responded very fast. However, because I honestly trusted 'big banks' more, I hesitated to get back to them, what a big regret. After several failures and a lot more frustrations with big banks and brokers, I decided to give them a call again just to see how they will handle things.

I was really surprised by how fast they process my loan, and my agent, Scott was really helpful and professional. He helped me to resolve each step in the most efficient ways possible, and as a result, I got the loan approved and I finally got the house in only less than three weeks. That is, again, after I spent more than a month with big banks and brokers.

I also was confused by how the applications I needed to fill in other banks was so complicated, seemingly designed to confuse ourselves to a bad loan deal. On the other hand, the mortgage application I got from Clearwater Mortgage was very simple, comprehensive, and even when I didn't understand something, Scott will explain it to me with patience, instead of those agents on big banks that kept saying to leave everything to them. How could I trust someone with a loan worth hundreds of thousands when you wouldn't invest your time to explain me things?

I've got the house for three years now, but then again, Clearwater Mortgage again surprised me just last month. I was having some sort of financial trouble, and I wouldn't be able to pay the mortgage. I gave them a call explaining the situation, expecting the worst of the worst. On a very best scenario, I expected to be charged with late fees.

On the contrary, they were again, very helpful and supportive. The guy on the phone asked me how many days I would need as a leniency, and when I said 10 days, he approved instantly. I paid by the ninth days, as I already got the money, and this month when I received my mortgage bills and statements, they really didn't charge any late fees! Again, I expected the worst because it is definitely my responsibility, but I was really surprised with their great conscience. I'd definitely recommend Clearwater Mortgage to anyone, as they are very professional, helpful, and they are a bunch of kind hearted people."

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