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   Real review of "Navy Federal Credit Union" in Clearwater, FL!

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  Angela Michelle sent us her review August 13, 2016.

  Visited address:
  2699 Roosevelt Blvd, Clearwater, FL 33760, USA

"My experience with Navy Federal Credit Union was kind of a mixed/ I was a veteran of the United States and has been the customer of the NFCU in the past 25 years.

During all those years, my experience with them was mostly great, especially because they really respected my status as a veteran. As a result, I was always greeted with a smile, and every one of their employees was competent and helpful.

I also liked how they very rarely have long queues. Not because of the lack of customers, as there are many, but I think they managed their staffing really well, so there's never a shortage of staffs in a busy day.

However, I don't know whether their qualities have diminished lately, or I was just having a string of bad luck, as I've got several bad experiences with them lately.

The first was when they froze my account by mistake, and my credit card was suddenly declined. After I had clarified it with them, they said that I had an illegal deposit from Chase. After further investigation that took 5 work days, my account was finally unfrozen, and they admitted that it was a mistake. However, I was really disappointed as they didn't really try to make it right and had caused me to lose some work hours to deal with the situation.

The second was when I borrowed from them under the Optional Overdraft Protection. It was a $600 loan, and I'd have to pay it back by 30 days. I often borrowed from them in the past without any issues and late payment, so my history with them should be okay. However, this time I was one day late because I totally forgot about the due date (mistakes do happen, right?). However, Navy Federal Credit Union again deactivated my account. They froze my long standing account for over 25 years with good credit history after only being one day late by mistake.

I gave Navy Federal representative a call, and he told me that there should be a 5 days leniency (35 days in total) before my account will be deactivated. Again I had to wait three days until my account was activated again. And that's also after I gave them endless calls complaining about the situation, what a waste of my time. Thankfully it's a bit faster and better compared to the last one.

Thankfully on both of those occasions, I wasn't having any emergency that would need to be tackled. Imagine if my account was frozen when I have to get a surgery or something. Both of these happen in 2014 and 2015. This year, I haven't got any 'mistakes' again, and I hope it will continue to be so.

I still feel the Navy Federal Credit Union is a good bank, and they are still very friendly and helpful. However, please do fix some of the back office things so that you don't freeze accounts by mistake anymore. It was time-consuming, and could potentially cause financial liability."