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   Real review of "Rapid Cash" in Las Vegas, NV!

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  Jen Johnson sent us her review September 26, 2016.

  Visited address:
  2710 S Maryland Pkwy a, Las Vegas, NV 89109, USA

"Back in 2014, I just got a new job in Las Vegas, and I had to organize to move from Orlando to my new house in Las Vegas. I also had secured a loan from my sister to allow me to move a month earlier to organize things, as I depleted all my life savings for the house.

I was initially excited about the whole moving thing, because after all, it is Las Vegas, and the job offer was more than decent. However, it soon turned to be a disaster.

My sister's husband suddenly got a stroke just as I arrived in vegas, and she needed the money for the hospital bills, so my loan was canceled. She lived in Europe by the way, so I was simply unable to visit her husband because I literally had no cash left. Devastated and desperate, since I would need to pay the moving company in 5 days, I went to my bank for a loan, but was turned down because I was technically unemployed, as my job contract has not finalized yet. I applied for so many loans online from banks, lenders, and even all those shady online payday loans without any results, until I stumbled upon Rapid Cash online.

I learned that they are located on South Maryland Parkway, which is very close to my new home, and I decided to give them a call, desperately. I explained my situation and I'd never forget the guy on the phone named Jeremy. He pre-approved my loan, and I remembered feeling really relieved about the whole situation. I visited their branch right away, filled the applications, signed my check and voila! I got the cash I desperately needed. I also noticed that their interest rate was fairly low compared to other payday loan companies I went to, so I think that's another plus point.

All the ladies and guys in the shop were very nice and really helpful with me, as I was really, really nervous and desperate back then. There was also another problem with my first paycheck, so my payment to them was a bit late. I expected a lot of hassle and drama for late payments from this kind of payday loan companies, however, I turned out to be wrong. They were really supportive and helpful, and they gave me extra 5 days to pay without any late fees. An employee named Wendy, in particular, was really kind and helpful. She really had the integrity to make customers happy, very easy going and excellent customer service skill. I have to say, my experience with Wendy was excellent, and for me, she deserved a star.

Overall, I had a very good experience with Rapid Cash. I hadn't had any chance to use their service again. However, If I have another emergency, I would surely be happy to use their loan service again. Thank you Rapid Cash for saving me back then. I'd definitely recommend this company."