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   Real review of "On Call Cash" in Las Vegas, NV!

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  Henry Shen sent us his review December 4, 2016.

  Visited address:
  9700 W Tropicana Ave, Las Vegas, NV 89147, USA

"I am a repeat customer for On Call Cash on West Tropicana Avenue, Las Vegas. They are located very close to where I live at, and I used their title and payday loans from time to time. I had to say, being in Las Vegas with all the gambling, shady pawn shops, and crooked loan sharks, it's a little bit hard to find a trustworthy loan service here, and I am thankful that a decent service like On Call Cash is around.

With that in mind, I was initially skeptical about their service, but since I was in a pickle and was a bit short with my rent, I decided to give it a shot. I stumbled upon On Call Cash's website after I looked online for a decent lender, and seeing all the rave reviews, I filled their online application service. They gave me a call one or two hours later, and after asked me some details, I was pre-approved for my $500 loan, and they asked me to come to the nearest branch, the one on west Las Vegas as soon as possible.

Since it was a little bit later in the day, I visited them the day after. The girl who handled me was new to the job, she did mention that she was on training and asked me to bear with her. She tried to be as helpful as possible, but she kept being confused about some things and had to go to the back to ask her boss for details. It took a bit longer than I expected, but because the girl was nice and keep saying sorry, I supposed I can let it go. The boss, someone named Mike ended up helping the whole process, and since then everything was a breeze. I got the $500 I needed, and although the rate was fairly high, it was what I expected for a payday loan.

After the loan was paid off, I decided to give their title loan a shot, since I was a bit behind in my finances. The title loan process was a bit more complicated, but overall it was also a good service. I got a title loan for my truck for $1,200, with a six months contract, and I was fairly happy about it.

I did have a bit of a bad experience when I asked them to change my title loan payment from monthly to bi-weekly since I had a job change with a different pay schedule. They messed it up completely on the first month, and I simply didn't have the money. I gave them a visit to complain, and thankfully Mike was around and helped make things right. I could split that month's payment into two, like what I wanted, and I didn't get any late fees whatsoever.

Overall it was a very good experience with On Call Cash, and as I mentioned, a trustworthy lender is hard to find in Las Vegas. I'd definitely recommend their service to anyone who needs it."