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   Real review of "CASH 1 Loans" in Las Vegas, NV!

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  Paul Trimmer sent us his review October 12, 2016.

  Visited address:
  1149 E Desert Inn Rd Ste B & C, Las Vegas, NV 89109, USA

"I have been a loyal customer Cash 1 on East Desert Inn road for half a decade, mainly for check cashing since they are located nearby my workplace, so I often cash my checks on the way home. I had to say they are very friendly and professional, especially the managers, Kathy and Joshua which are always very courteous, friendly and helpful.

I also used their payday loan service from time to time when I had emergencies. Their rate for their payday loan service was better than everyone else in Las Vegas, however, being a payday loan, the rate is still fairly high, and I would advise against it unless it's an absolute emergency.

My first payday loan experience with them, especially, was a pleasant one. I was in a pickle and really needed to borrow an emergency loan. However, with a bad credit score, I literally went to every single place and got rejected, or the interest rate on the places that didn't check for credit score was outrageously high. Cash 1 was literally the very last place I tried, and I was approved with a fair rate.

I was really upset and nervous all at the same time, but I remembered Joshua helping me, answering all my questions and being very supportive along the way. They only needed a bank statement, references, and pay stub, and my loan was good to go. Joshua was very clear and direct about what I needed to do, and patiently walked me through each necessary step.

I was never behind with my payments to Cash 1, so I can't really review their collection process, and would they be helpful when I ask for leniency.

However, on my last payday loan a few months ago, they messed up the due date of our monthly payments, making it bi-weekly instead of once a month like usual. As a result, I paid double the amount of money I agreed with them in two separate payments. I did complain to them, and they admitted that it was their mistake. They changed the due date for the next month, so it was all good in the end. However, I felt that they could do more to make things right because I did suffer on that month because of the double payments. However, I realized that I would be one-month shorter until the loan is paid-off, so it was, after all, justified.

Overall, I had pleasant experiences with them, and as I mentioned, I definitely feel that their customer service was among the best for the loan services in the Las Vegas area, where you know, with all the gambling, there are a lot of crooked loan places trying to take advantage from gamblers.

Cash 1 has a very decent and fast service, and their managers especially Joshua was always helpful. Even with my one bad experience, I will still be returning if I need to cash in my checks or when I need fast cash. I'd definitely recommend CASH 1 !"