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   Real review of "TitleMax Title Loans" in Lubbock, TX!

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  Matt Stroud sent us his review November 18, 2016.

  Visited address:
  2219 19th St, Lubbock, TX 79401, USA

"I was always against title loan or payday loan, since I always thought they were all crook, and the interest rates they offered were all unfairly high. However, I have to say that my experience with TitleMax really changed my view. I lived in Lubbock, TX and around a year ago back in 2015, I was hit by some unexpected financial emergencies so I had to give in and look for a loan option. I had essentially no credit score because as mentioned, I tend to avoid loans, and I even bought our current house in cash. Since the money I needed wasn't that big, refinancing my house won't be necessary so I thought my best option was a title loan.

I looked for online reviews about title loan companies, looking for those with good rates, and where the payments will actually go to the principal instead of paying endless interests. I stumbled upon TitleMax in that regards, and because many reviewers claimed that they did give a fair interest rate and payment terms, I decided to give them a call. After I gave them the details of my truck, they pre-quoted me for $2,200 to $2,500, which is exactly the number I needed. I had to say the guy on the phone was very helpful, answered my beginner questions because I was fairly new to loans, so I should definitely give props to their customer service.

I visited the branch nearby my house the next day. However, the lady who handled me was fairly new to the job, so I think the process went longer than it should. She kept giving her boss a call just to confirm things, and I ended up having to spend 2 hours to wait for the whole process. She was a very nice and helpful lady, though, and she kept saying sorry because she was new, so overall It was an okay experience.

I was a bit disappointed when after further inspections, the value for my loan went down to $1,700. However, the lady did explain the terms and interest rate, and overall it seems fair to me. She really did explain everything clearly and was very patient with my questions, so again, I have to give them props for the customer service. I got a six-month contract for $1,700, so my emergency need was covered and I was relieved.

The payment process also went well. In fact, once I had a bit of a problem and would need to inform them that I will be behind on the said month's payment. Surprisingly, they gave me a 'one time deal' of one-week leniency without additional interest, late fees, or anything, so I was really surprised about their supportive integrity.

I'd still advise against using payday loans or title loans unless it's an absolute emergency. However, if you really need one, I would definitely recommend TitleLoan as one of the best options available. They give fair rates, not shady with their payment terms, and overall very good customer service."