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   Real review of "Gateway Mortgage Group" in Lubbock, TX!

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  Leah Rodriguez sent us her review November 3, 2016.

  Visited address:
  1306 Broadway St #201, Lubbock, TX 79401, USA

"We used Gateway Mortgage to refinance our house at Lubbock, and we had to say we got a mixed review for them. Amber from Gateway reached us, along with many lenders, and we were simply impressed by how she was very professional and helpful, and she did offer us the best rate out of all the other lenders.

I had all my questions answered, and I had to say, Amber was the only one out of all the lenders willing to answer my questions, which I deemed important as I was just about to pull a hard credit. Simply put, we felt Gateway was our best option back then. We didn't regret it at all, as they did close everything on time, stayed with the closing estimates, and in general, exceed our expectation.

Keep in mind that we had a fairly good credit score. I read some of the reviews about Gateway complaining about how their loans were rejected mainly because of bad credit score, so as my application was fairly smooth (again, because we had a good credit score), we couldn't testify into that matter.

In the end, we got the refinance from Gateway with a very good interest rate, and we were very happy with the whole process.

Fast forward a year and a half, and I had a job change that would pay me bi-weekly instead of monthly in my previous job. Just as a precaution, I informed Gateway about this change, and I requested to move my payments from once a month to twice a month. I also requested them to stop taking my payments by auto-debit from my account, and send me paper or electronic bills instead. The lady I spoke with seemed a little confused, and I had to repeat several times before I was totally sure she understood me. I asked for an email confirmation just to be sure, but after several hours, I still hadn't received my email.

I had to call back, and this time another employee (a guy) was handling me. He said he would send it out immediately and finally I did.

I did receive the paper bills, and they stopped taking payments from my account automatically. However, they forgot to change the term of payment from monthly to bi-weekly, although they did confirm that in their previous email.

Only after several calls later and another month's worth of wait for another bill did they finally get it right. It's a bit stressful on my end and really a waste of time. Thankfully I had enough money to pay the previous month's bill that they are mistaken of, imagine if I had no money, and I can imagine they will charge me with late fees while the whole situation is caused by their mistake. Overall, I felt their loan application process was excellent, but their after sales customer service could really be better. I'd still recommend Gateway Mortgage as they did give a very nice rates and the lending process was excellent."

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