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   Real review of "Cashnet USA" in San Francisco, CA!

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  Robert Condon sent us his review December 2, 2016.

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  555 Mission St, San Francisco, CA 94105, USA

"First of all, let me begin by saying that taking payday loans is an unhealthy and dangerous financial move, and will cause more trouble instead of solving one.

Secondly, I understood that making a payday loan is solely my decision, and not the fault of the lender. After all, all lenders will inform you their APR rates upfront, and although they might take advantage of our financial desperation, we did make the decision ourselves.

Here is my experience of taking a payday loan from CashnetUSA. I was in a desperate financial situation a few years back. In 2014, I got laid off due to a small mistake I made at the office. On top of that, my wife was very sick due to the stress from all the ruckus I've caused, and the hospital bills are piling up.

Desperate, my first failure was my arrogance to ask for help from family and friends, and instead, I went online to look for help, and stumbled upon Cashnet USA by chance. I had to say, that their service was great, and the application was fairly easy. I filled the application online, got a call after a few hours saying I was approved, and I got the money after 48 hours. Very easy and It really did help a lot initially.

As I've mentioned, they did share all the information about their high-interest rate up front, but I justified it due to desperation. The nightmare started once the time to pay came. I got a loan for $850, and I got an email statement stating that my payment for that month would be $231,21. A week later, it was $263.32. I at first figured that the payment of $263.32 was OK, since I would be able to have it paid off in roughly four months.

However, I was totally wrong, the week after my payment jumped up again to $293.72. I immediately gave them a call, asking why my payment jumped so high. The lady on the phone explained that they charge interest each day until the 1st (the due date of my payment). I was devastated! I ended up scraping for cash so that I could pay off the loan ASAP. I finally gave up and seek for help from my family, which paid off the loan, and also spare me some extras until I get back on my feet. That $850 loan ended up to be $1,300+ in just four weeks.

I finally got back on track, not by making loans after loans to support my family, but by saving up and looking for a job replacement. Sometimes, the problem in a financial desperation is not the financial need itself, but the stress, causing us to make bad decisions. Having a good support system, especially from your family is necessary for a financial breakdown, and believe me, the biggest help they can give you is not financial, but showing you that you still have hope and you can definitely get back on your feet."