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   Real review of "Money Mart" in Visalia, CA!

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  Rick Bates sent us his review December 18, 2016.

  Visited address:
  1655 E. Noble Ave., Visalia, CA 93277, USA

"Back in 2014, I was in a really bad shape financially, and due to my poor credit score back then, conventional loans were simply not an option back then. The financial breakdown happened abruptly, and I was simply not ready and was in a state of shock, and I wished I didn't jump so carelessly to the world of loan sharks.

Long story short, in my desperation, I looked for the closest place who would give a title loan without a credit check. I stumbled upon LoanMart online, knowing that one of their branches is located nearby at East Noble Avenue, Visalia. I gave them a call with the details of my car, and they pre-approved me for $3,000, telling me to visit their shop as soon as possible. Because it was indeed an emergency situation since I was behind on my mortgage, as well as other bills, I visited them immediately since it was pretty early in the day. A young lady handled me, she was extremely friendly and helpful, showing compassionate about my whole situation. So if any, I'd give them credit for a good customer service, at least for that your lady whose name I can't remember.

However, the approved amount went down to just $1,700, almost half what the other guy said on the phone. When I asked the lady to meet the guy, she said that he was in the main office and simply couldn't be reached. I should have taken that situation as the first red flag, but again, I was desperate even for half the amount. After I finally agreed on the amount, she explained the rates and terms nicely. The APR was close to 300%, and again, it should have been a (big) second red flag for me to walk away, but I really needed the money, and finally I agreed to the terms.

I got the check the very next day, again, I should maybe give credits to their fast service and approval. However, maybe that's just their way to shackle their victims fast. I was really surprised when I got the first statement next month, as they charged their 250+% APR daily! I complained, but they rudely said that everything has been explained and stated in the contract, and there was nothing they could do except if I can pay back the money and interests.

Now after almost two years, yes, I was behind in payments several times, but the statement now says that I still owe them almost $5000. I don't know what I can do anymore and when this loan will be paid off. Maybe I'll give up and let them repossess my car (I think that's their aim from the very start).

Please, stay away from LoanMart and other companies with outrageous rates and payment terms. Don't follow my footsteps and bad decisions. You might think they will help your financial situation, but in reality, they will only make it worse than before. Even in desperate situations, try to assess your options before taking any loan. Stay away from this company!"