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   Real review of "Banc Home Loans" in Visalia, CA!

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  Elizabeth Rivard sent us her review October 22, 2016.

  Visited address:
  209 E Caldwell Ave, Visalia, CA 93277, USA

"We purchased our first home with the help from Melissa Lozano from Banc Home Loans, We have to say, we were very nervous about the whole process, especially with all the nightmare stories of buying a house in California.

We found a house we really wanted, so getting our mortgage lender was all that's left. We really wanted the house, though, so although the homeowner told us that she was willing to wait for us, we were really nervous and wanted to close the deal as soon as possible. We shopped so many banks and lenders, and to be honest we didn't approach Banc Home Loans in the first place. We tried all the so-called major banks and mortgage lenders, and we were really frustrated with how they took so long just for pre-approval and paperwork. After two whole weeks of going back and forth with the banks, the realtor selling the house gave us a call, following up about the house. We told her our difficulties with getting a lender, and she suggested Banc Home Loans. Actually, she did offer to went with Banc Home Loans when we first inquire about the house, but we weren't familiar with the name so we passed on it. What a bad decision, if the house was sold, we would definitely regret that decision forever.

I gave Banc Home Loans a call, and Melissa scheduled an appointment with her the very next day. We visited the Banc Home Loans office at the East Caldwell Avenue the next day, and she immediately caught our attention with her friendly and helpful engagement, answering each and every question we have with patience and in a very helpful manner. She also offered a program to reduce our closing costs, which seems very interesting and profitable, so we agreed to the plan. I loved how Melissa understood our sense of urgency, and she did every step of the process in very quick and professional manners. We got pre-approved the very next day, and our deal was closed just 18 days later! In comparison, the other banks and lenders we've approached were not finished with the paperwork even though we approached them 2 weeks earlier.

A few months down the road, she even gave us a call just to follow up with the house. Albeit small, we felt that it was a nice gesture of excellent customer service. We are currently in the middle of purchasing another house for investment, and Melissa again delivered the job so well, I think we will close the deal in another few days, with very decent rate too.

I have never been behind with my payment to Home Banc Loans, so I can't review their collection process and attitude when you are behind with payments. I really loved how Melissa is always professional, helpful, and on point with her job. We will definitely recommend her to all of our colleagues, friends, and family. Thank you Home Banc Loans for the experience!"

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