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   Real review of "TNL Car Title Loans" in Visalia, CA!

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  Laura Pearson sent us her review August 4, 2016.

  Visited address:
  W Main St., Visalia, CA 93291, USA

"Last year in 2015 I went through a divorce and had some cash issues. With two kids and piles of bills to be paid, I went desperately to look for emergency loans. My (now ex) husband's gambling problem drove us to the divorce and all sorts of financial problems, and because the divorce process was underway, my credit score was also really, really bad so conventional loans was simply not an option.

The fact that I never took any loans before further complicates the problem, as I was virtually blind about interest rates, repayments, and other details involved. Thankfully, a good friend of mine helped with the whole process, and knowing I still had a car under my name, she suggested TNL as an option. I gave them a call and I was immediately pre-approved for $2,500, just after roughly 20 minutes of a phone call. They pointed me to the nearest branch at West Main Street, Visalia.

I visited them first thing the next day, and a very lovely young lady who sadly name I can't remember handled my application. She was very nice and professional, and very patiently answered my questions. I was a bit paranoid about the interest rate, but she convinced me by showing comparisons and charts that their rate was extremely fair. She even helped me with a plan of repayment, so that I can make sure it won't be too heavy to my financial situation. She was very friendly and supportive. Whoever you are, thank you for helping and encouraging me in tough times!

One minor disappointment was, after further inspections, the loan amount went down to $1,800.However, the lady explained that it was to make sure the repayment process won't be too heavy for me, and if later on, I'll need more money, I can refinance the loan. I agreed to that plan and the whole process was very fast, and I got the money I desperately needed right away.

Few months down the road, I was unable to pay the loan on time, and I gave TNL a call to notify them, fully expecting to be yelled at and paying late fees and additional interests. However, I was surprised that they were willing to give me a 'one-time' deal to prolong my due date by a week. I paid the loan 5 days later as soon as I got the money, and they really didn't charge me for extras! I never expected a lender company to be so understanding and generous.

As I needed more money, I applied for the refinancing plan just a few days back, and they again approved the loan with a very fast process. The interest rate and repayment plan stays fair, and again, I was really surprised as I was expecting at least an increase of interest rate.

If you are in need of a title loan (or payday loan), I would definitely recommend TNL Car Title Loan as your option. They are friendly, professional, and unlike so many lenders out there, they are not money hungry and will give you a fair deal."