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   Real review of "Rockford Bank&Trust" in Rockford, IL!

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  Matt Long sent us his review October 2, 2016.

  Visited address:
  4571 Guilford Rd, Rockford, IL 61107, USA

"I have been an account holder of Rockford Bank and Trust for almost a decade now. During all those years, they always did respectable service, their employees were very friendly, and I really liked the fact that they charged monthly-paid interest on their checking accounts. I found that was a rare thing to have in a community bank, and it's definitely one of their plus points.

However, I did have one major disappointment a few months back when they red-flagged my Visa debit card because Rockford Bank and Trust find one of my online purchase suspicious. I was purchasing something from a (reputable) online marketplace, which is one of the largest in the world, and I was really confused why the transaction was restricted. Even worse, I got no notification at all when they were blocking the card, so I only found out when I tried to use the card to pay in a restaurant. Thankfully I had cash on hand to cover the restaurant bill, If not I would be really frustrated and upset.

They did admit the mistake, but I needed to call them several times which was a waste of time, and I shouldn't get that problem in the first place. They mentioned that every online transaction, even with a US-based vendor was necessary, but I never got any problem before with the same vendor. I think it is definitely unnecessary, I would understand if it's an odd purchase or foreign purchase, but it was a big, major US-based marketplace.

Besides that one problem, I got mostly good services from them, and I took several loans from them with relative ease. However, I had a good credit score when I took the loan, and the loan was collateral-based, so I guess it's kind of expected. The number of branch locations and ATMS could be problematic, but the interest rate and overall service made them a better choice for me, especially because I really hate the long queues in 'major' banks. The past few years, I felt their level of customer service has been higher than before, which is a good improvement over their already great services.

I liked how they are rarely with long queues even during busy hours, especially for the branch at North Wyman Street which I frequented. They always seem to have enough people to cover all customers, and I rarely see employees chatting with each other during busy hours, they were always very professional, easy with the smile, and very helpful as well as very fast in giving their services.

Aside from that online purchase policy, I felt that they are an excellent banking choice for the Rockford area. I hope if anyone from Rockford Bank and Trust read this review, especially the higher ups, they will consider changing the online purchase policy on their visa cards. Besides that issue, I would definitely recommend this bank for anyone in the Rockford area."