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   Real review of "The Equitable Finance Company" in Salem, OR!

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  Matt Plummer sent us his review October 12, 2016.

  Visited address:
  134 Lancaster Dr SE, Salem, OR 97317, USA

"THE EQUITABLE FINANCE COMPANY is situated in Idaho, Oregon, Utah and Arizona (I am from Salem, OR) and provides financial loans, car loans, bad credit loans and payments. According to their website, they help you make loan payments and decisions regarding your loans.

According to a few reviews that I have read at yelp and other sites, it can be inferred that this company has a reputation of giving a hard time to its customers. There has been reviews about the trouble that people had to face only because they were not able to either pay exactly on time or that they payed after a few days of their due dates. The people have complained that the company was not co-operative and at times didn’t respond to their calls and would repossess the loaned item at the first chance that they would get.

I believe that if you are running a finance company the first and the foremost thing that you will have to take care of is customer satisfaction. One of the customer's comments read that they had been under the company since 1.5 years and they wouldn't recommend it to anyone, which shows that this company has not changed their procedures in a long time. The reviews show that the company would repossess their items (cars, trucks etc) without much warning or statement. This shows that they are strict with the submission of loans at time else they would repossess the loaned item at the first chance that they get. The company didn't have any reviews on the glassdoor or consumer affairs, so it is hard to tell how old this company actually is or on what platform it stands on all together. Out of the 12 reviews, mostly from Oregon, on the yelp, only one or two were positive the others sounded disappointed and surprised as to how the company was still holding up in business despite such bad reviews all over. The company is also blamed for its haste in getting the payment and its despicable customer service. The people have also blamed it for taking extra payment or at times loosing track of their payments and then giving them a hard time with it.

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According to my point of view, if you are running a business that especially deals with financing and loans, you are suppose to keep your customers satisfied. Inform them of the due date a few dates ago and not push them to the limit to get it. Even if you are unable to get it or the payment is only a few dates pass the due date is no reaon to repossess their items. Some complained that they asked for about 30-35% loan payment which is absurd, you are supposed to help the people with their payments not make them run the other way due to all the pressure of paying their dues/loans. The people at your company should be helping and understanding and should respond to the need of their clients at all times. They should keep track of all the payments and account information required responsibly, to ensure a happy and satisfactory service."