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   Real review of "Check'n Go" in Rockford, IL!

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  Brianne Jayne sent us her review December 20, 2016.

  Visited address:
  160 N Mulford Rd, Rockford, IL 61108, USA

"I frequented the Check N' Go at Rockford Marketplace on North Mulford Road for years. I mainly used their service for check cashing, because it is located close to my office, and I also took their payday loan from time to time.

During all those years, I have mostly good experiences albeit small bad ones. I found their services reliable most of the time, during busy hours they always have adequate clerks so that the queue won't be too long, and most of their staffs are friendly and helpful. The loan processes are always fast (well, they do want the profits, didn't they), but so does the collection process when you are late.

I was behind on payments for 3 or 4 months several years ago, and I can say that their collection process was indeed stressful and intimidating. However, they didn't do anything harsh or against the law, and the whole intimidation process was expected from places like this. Long story short: only took a loan when you are absolutely sure you can pay, no matter what. Don't forget that all those interests and late fees will stack up in the long run.

Their interest rate is quite high, but also as expected from payday loan places. At the very least, they still charge reasonably, unlike other places that charge interests daily and often charge you more that what's agreed. Well, they did overcharge me once, for around $200. However, after I complained, they give the difference back after 3 work days. It's a pain and a waste of time, but at least they fixed it. One thing I didn't like was during those three days, my next payment for them was due, and they won't arrange to take the payment from those $200. Thankfully I still have some money to pay their loan while waiting for those $200. I can imagine the stress if I didn't.

I didn't use their service for a whole year since 2015, mainly because my financial situations improved (yay!). However, I was having a bit of an emergency last month, so as a long time customer of Check N' Go, I went back to them for another payday loan. Usually, I will be pre-approved very fast because I had a mostly good history with them all those years. However, now the process took longer than usual, and in the end, they only approved $150.

I refused the loan, and when I asked them why they approved me so little, the clerk lady said that they have new underwriter so they can't approve even frequent customers, as they are tightening policy. I would need to build another credit history with them. I was disappointed because I felt that they didn't value customer loyalty, and I really needed the money. I ended up taking the $150 loan so that I can build the 'credit history', however after I paid it back (before its due), they only raise the next loan to $220. I was severely disappointed."