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   Real review of "Colonial Banking" in Arlington, TX!

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  Nataly Doolittle sent us her review November 9, 2016.

  Visited address:
  1605 S Bowen Rd, Arlington, TX 76013, USA

"I was looking for options to refinance my home, and a realtor friend recommended the Colonial Bank. I am so glad she did! Because my experience with Colonial Bank was definitely the best experience I ever had with any mortgage company. As a note, I used to work as a real estate agent back in California before I got married, and I dealt with a lot of mortgage lenders and banks.

I initially went with Bank of America as my first choice, but the rate they gave was not satisfactory enough for me, and you know, being a major bank, I felt that I didn't get enough attention and personalized service.

I gave Colonial Bank a visit, and an agent named Colleen handled my application. She was extremely friendly (without being too chatty, something I sometimes hate), and was very helpful throughout the whole application process. She went through all my finances and gave me a very good rate. She even went the extra mile to provide me some great personal finance advice, and how I can make the most with the refinancing.

A couple of years ago, I was looking to buy a new house for investment, and of course, I went back to Colleen. She again gave me a very good deal, even suggested me a different credit union with a better rate (who does that?). Because I liked doing business with Colleen so much, I went through with the deal from Colonial instead, and I didn't regret it one bit! Last year my husband lost his job, and we had a bit of financial situation. When we informed Colleen about the situation, asking for a leniency or other solution, she again surprised us by giving us three whole months of extra time. She said not to worry and to get back on our feet first, and she kept her promise that we won't lose the house. I can't imagine getting that same treatment from the credit union, and I was really glad I decided to go with Colonial.

After I and my husband sorted our finances, we told Colleen that we are ready to pay the loan again, expecting extra late fees. She said not to worry about it and to go back to our usual payment term. She and Colonial are indeed amazing! I liked how they are really compassionate and supportive, a rarity from financial institutions. They know how to take care of their customers and to keep them loyal. (At least I won't think twice about being loyal to them.)

The bank we used, at South Bowen Road is indeed small, and they still hand write the deposit slips. However, I loved how they really took care of their customers and all the tellers always remember me. Their customer service is simply excellent, and bigger banks should learn from them. I really love this bank, and I recommended Colonial to some friends who are looking to buy a house, and Colleen also helped our friends to get good deals."