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   Real review of "The Legacy Group with LeaderOne Financial" in Arlington, TX!

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  Derrick Oliver sent us his review July 29, 2016.

  Visited address:
  1205 W Abram St #204, Arlington, TX 76013, USA

"The purchase process for the house I currently reside in Arlington was a nightmare. I and my wife had just been married for a year back then in 2010, and because I got a job offer, we needed to move to Arlington. It was close to where the wife's family lives, so It was overall a very good deal for us. However, we didn't know any mortgage lender or realtor in the area, and so the house hunting process was terrible from the very first step.

We finally found the house we really liked, and at a very decent bargain. The owner was also very nice, but the realtor was a pain to deal with. She kept recommending us to bad mortgage companies, I think those that were willing to give her more cut. They all took very long time with their work, at least compared to what we used to have back in Orlando. Thankfully, since the realtor was brought by the homeowner, he couldn't complain about how it took us so long to get a mortgage. The worst part is, my short-term house rent was coming to an end. I told my landowner that I already got a house, so she rented the place to someone else.

One so-called 'major' bank pre-approved our loan, giving us the false hope to finally close the deal. However, just one day before their appointed date to close, they said that they missed some paperwork and would need more time. Furious, I canceled the deal and they charged my credit card as soon as I hung up the phone!

Thankfully, a co-worker from the new office pointed me to The Legacy group, which was definitely a Godsend for the whole situation. They worked very fast, and gave us a lot of helpful advice, while patiently answering all our questions. The lady who handled my application worked the extra mile to make sure the deal will be closed as soon as possible, as I mentioned about the rent situation, and we really liked the house and didn't want to lose it to other people.

Long story short, they really impressed us with how fast they work. A lot faster than those 'major' banks, they answered our calls, and actually answered each and every one of our question, instead of the 'we will call you back' I got from other lenders and banks. The deal was closed in just 16 days! And we finally got the house we really wanted.

Last month we went back to them for a refinance, and the process was also very fast, as I expected from our previous experience with them. I'm so glad my friend recommended the service of The Legacy Group, the branch I used was the one at West Abram Street, Arlington. I would definitely also recommend their service to friends, family, and colleagues in need of a great mortgage lender. Good job, The Legacy Group!"

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