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   Real review of "Sun Loan Company" in Arlington, TX!

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  Stephen Pestinger sent us his review December 12, 2016.

  Visited address:
  1231 E Pioneer Pkwy #121, Arlington, TX 76010, USA

"I have been a loyal customer for the Sun Loan Company, especially the branch at East Pioneer Parkway. Don't get me wrong, the first thing I will say is that their rates are horrendous. However, they are quick and friendly if you needed fast cash, and compared to other similar payday loan companies in Arlington, I found that they have slightly better rates.

I see a lot of people complaining about how they are not compassionate when you are unable to pay, but it wasn't the case during my experience. I was having some medical situation that forced me to be behind on payments, and when I gave them a call to inform the situation, the branch manager personally talked to me and helped me arrange new payment terms to help me get back on my feet. No, they didn't give a discount or waive the loan, but at least they rearranged the payment scheme so that it won't be too heavy for me.

I heard people complaining expecting they will give discounts during difficulties, and it blew my mind how people have no sense of obligations. It's a loan you took and your own responsibility no matter what. I did, however, paid a little late on another loan by a few days, and I got harassed by the 'manager' endlessly, leaving me like 5 rude voicemails every day. One thing to remember, If you are unable to pay on time, give them a call and inform them about it. Once they are notified they won't harass you with calls. I might seem overly defending them, but, for a loan company, sometimes harassment and rude calls are necessary so they can secure the money. So for me, as long as it's still within limits, it's understandable.

Another exceptional experience I got with them was when I asked them about a loan increase due to an emergency. As I mentioned, I was behind in payments with them before, so I at the very least, expected that they won't approve the amount I asked. I was surprised when they approved the amount, and It was only over a phone call. The lady on the phone told me to wait 30-45 minutes and they will call me back, and they did!

The branch I frequented just changed manager, and I can say he has done his job well. I noticed long queues are fewer nowadays, and they always open and close on time. Before, they often close at 5 pm where the door clearly stated they should close at 5:30. Sometimes I see desperate people banging on the door when they closed early, maybe to cash their checks or take their loan. I'm glad they fixed that!

All in all, I will repeat again that their interest rate is of course, higher than if you go to conventional banks and lenders. However, for a payday loan service, they did give good and fast services, and was always helpful during all my experiences."