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   Real review of "Gateway Mortgage Group" in Frisco, TX!

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  Stephanie Boyd sent us her review December 04, 2016.

  Visited address:
  3011 Internet Blvd, Frisco, TX 75034, USA

"I was looking to refinance my house back in 2015, and I asked around, as well as went online to look for my options. I called several banks too, although none gave the amount I wanted. Suddenly, out of the blue, I got a call from Gateway Mortgage with a refinancing offer. The guy on the phone gave me a great rate, and thus I decided to go with them. I signed a few online documents then. I asked whether I should visit because the branch at Internet Boulevard, Frisco, was fairly close by to where I live at. The guy said it's okay and he will contact me again later, basically, he said that my refinancing was pre-approved.

A few days went by without news, and when I gave them a call, the line was busy the whole day. I then sent an email asking about my loan process, only to find out that the guy didn't lock my rate, and the rate was higher that what's agreed upon. I asked the contact of his manager to resolve the issue, but he went back and forth saying that the manager wasn't available. After I was furious, he finally passed the call to a 'manager', which was extremely rude. I canceled the loan, but the guy said they would need to charge an appraisal fee of $425! What a ripoff. I refused to pay because they gave me a rate different than what's agreed, and I threatened to sue. The manager then softened his tone and said that they will be looking for a solution. The $425 will be automatically debited but will be refunded if there's no solution ( I made sure to record this conversation). Three weeks went by and still no news about the 'solution', and no refund yet. They have been avoiding my calls and hadn't replied to my emails.

I looked up the number for their main corporate office online, and I complained real hard about the situation. I threatened about really suing, and I mentioned that I recorded the conversation. After that call, 'magically' I got a call from that 'manager' I've talked to (where have you been?!). He explained that they are willing to give me the loan with the first rate, and he asked me to visit the nearest branch. (Finally).

I visited the branch at Internet Boulevard the very next day, asking to meet the 'manager'. The lady who handled me told me that the said manager was not available, but she got the paperwork ready. I signed the document and all that, and another two weeks went by, and the loan still hadn't closed! What an unpleasant experience, they are terribly unprofessional, trying to find excuses, and very slow with their 'paperwork'. I definitely regretted doing business with them, but I definitely won't give up over that $425, might as well give them hell for ripping me off. I would not recommend their service."