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   Real review of "Cash Store" in Frisco, TX!

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  Johanna Hogan sent us her review May 22, 2016.

  Visited address:
  12398 FM423 Ste 800, Frisco, TX 75033, USA

"I have been a long time customer for Cash Store at FM 243, Frisco for years. I frequently used their installment loan service from time to time, as I found out that their installment loan is one of, if not the best, rate-wise compared to its competitors.

They always gave my loan in a timely fashion. The employees were all friendly and professional, and I liked how they rarely had long queues even during busy hours. I really liked the fact that they always appreciate their loyal customers. They approved my loans really fast and rarely asked questions. The fact that I always paid their loans on time really helped, I guess. In short, Cash Store was simply my favorite choice to get short-term loan anytime I was in dire needs. But sadly, that fact has just changed.

Shortly put, I didn't use their service for almost a year during 2016, simply because my financial situation got better, a good thing, I suppose. However, I had a bit of an emergency just a few months ago, and I decided to take another loan from Cash Store. When I visited them, I was surprised that they have changed their whole management team, as well as all the employees, so I didn't find any friendly and familiar faces I always liked about the place. I was also surprised that they didn't auto-approve my loan as usual. The lady who handled me (which was rude, by the way) told me that they have a new underwriter now, and they can't approve existing clients based on the previous history. In the end, they approved my loan way below my usual amount, and I only got $300 as a result. I took the loan anyway, and I decided to pay it off as soon as possible rather than the usual installment because the interest rate for such a small amount was simply too much. I got the money next week, and I made the call to tell them that I would pay the loan. The lady on the phone told me that they will be closed the next Friday, and she told me to visit on Saturday instead (the day my loan was due).

I visited them on Saturday only to be surprised that they closed early. They never closed early all these years, so I guess it's also something to do with the new management. As a result, I was unable to pay my loan on time. I paid the next Monday, and they charged me with a late fee! I explained that I made the call, and the lady on the phone didn't mention that they will close earlier on Saturday. The clerk didn't wanna hear my complain, and she made a silly excuse that I confirmed that I would visit them before 2:30, so they wouldn't need to tell me that they will close early. I never told them I would visit by 2:30. I was utterly disappointed with the 'new' management of Cash Store and too bad, you just lost a loyal customer."