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   Real review of "First Rate Financial LLC" in Frisco, TX!

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  Stephen Ray sent us his review September 14, 2016.

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  Frisco, TX 75035, USA

"I used First Rate Financial for the purchase of my second house at Frisco, TX. My experience with my first home was honestly a nightmare. We got a shitty mortgage rate and the closing process was unreasonably slow. We spent more than a month for 'paperwork', and as much as we loved our first house, we really hated the purchasing process.

Thus, for our second purchase, we went overly paranoid over our mortgage lender options. I mean, we really liked the second house, and it was an excellent investment opportunity, but the thought about doing that back-and-forth paperwork race really made me hesitate to buy the house, The realtor selling the house pointed us to First Rate Financial, as she said this company has never let her down before. We shared her our nightmare experience from before, but she convinced me with all the success stories from her previous experiences, and I decided to give it a shot.

As a safety measure, I also called several other banks, including the one I used for the first house. I thought that although it was a bad experience, at least I'd know what to expect. I was really surprised when First Rate Financial called us the very next day, as usually, a bank took almost a week to get back to you. The lady named Carol invited us to visit the day after to discuss the application, As soon as I made that visit, I knew that our experience will definitely be different. Carol was a very friendly lady, and very fast as well as professional with her job. I told her our experience with the first house, and she assured us that she would make sure the deal will be closed before 20 days. She even went the extra mile to provide us a bit of financial advice to make the best of what we'll get. Not to mention, the rate she offered was really great, a significant difference with the offers we got from the other banks.

The other banks, as expected, called me after 5 days, and I immediately told them that I already got a lender, with confidence. Carol kept her offer, and the deal was closed after only 15 days. We got the house we really liked, and this time, without all of the unnecessary nightmare from our first home purchase. Great job, First Rate Financial.

Once I thought it couldn't get any better, First Rate Financial surprised me again just a few months ago. My wife got a medical issue, and the health insurance can only cover a partial amount of it. As a result, I would not be able to pay my mortgage to the First Rate Financial. I called them about the situation, and Claire told me not to worry, and she will give 2 months of leniency for us to get back on our feet, and she promised me that I will definitely keep the house. What other lenders do that? Thank you First Rate Financial, I would definitely recommend them to anyone."

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