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  Bradley *** sent us his review October 26, 2016.

  Visited address:
  ***, Lakewood, CO 80226, USA

"I was having a bit of a financial problem a few months ago, and I was unable to get a conventional loan due to my poor credit score. I desperately look for other options online, as I would need to pay my rent in the next few days, with literally no cash on me.

I stumbled upon Company* when I did my online search and decided to use their online application. After I filled up the application and hit send, surprisingly I got a call from them within a few minutes. The guy on the phone told me that I was approved for $1,000, which is exactly what I needed for the rent and a few other bills and told me to come down to the store as soon as I can. The store at the South Wadsworth Boulevard is the closest to where I live, and it's just a few blocks away, so I visited them immediately since it was quite early in the day.

I immediately regretted my decision to visit just on a busy hour as it was very busy, and the queue was very long. After spending 30-minutes-ish queuing, I finally got my turn. I was told to do the entire application process again, and I was a bit pissed about that. I mean, I have filled the full application online, why should I repeat the same process? The lady who handled me avoided answering that question, and told me that it was simply 'procedure'. However, she was quite nice and professional, and she did her job well. After 45 minutes of another wait, the sales lady told me they can only approve $400, the maximum amount they offered. I was furious because the guy on the phone definitely told me that I can get $1,000. Now I know it was only a bait to make me visit the office and take the loan.

Since I was desperate, I took the loan anyway. However, it was a major disappointment and definitely a waste of time, because if they told me on the phone I was only approved for $400, I would definitely look for other options first instead of wasting my time with 30-minutes of queueing and another 45-minutes of waiting.

I was also disappointed that they didn't mention the maximum amount of $400 anywhere on their website, a total misleading of information.

However, overall the customer service was okay, although I felt that they can do better with managing the clerks. The queue was very long on busy hours, and I felt that it was because they took too long to handle each application (well, mine took 45+ minutes). The interest rate was okay compared to other companies offering similar loans, although as with any other payday loan companies in Lakewood, it is definitely on the higher side. If you are only looking for $400, Company* can be a great option, although the queue and the process could be very long. Instead of doing online application first, I would advise for visiting them straight away."