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   Real review of "Advance America" in Lakewood, CO!

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  Laura Daddow sent us her review June 02, 2016.

  Visited address:
  98 Wadsworth Blvd #121, Lakewood, CO 80226, USA

"I took payday loans from time to time from Advance America. On my first experience, I was nervous about the whole process since it was something new for me. However, after I gave them a call, they were very nice on the phone in explaining what I would need to prepare, and how the whole process will be in general. I visited the branch at Fairfield Commons the very next day, and I was greeted with friendly clerks and employees, so it eased up my nervousness a bit.

Don't get me wrong, though, the interest rate they offer is very high, and unless it's an emergency with no option for conventional loans, I would not recommend getting into the payday loan trap, as it is, definitely, a trap. You have been warned.

However, I found out that compared to other payday loan providers, they gave the best rates, even half the rates of some companies. They are also generally a nice bunch of people, and I was always treated well. However, I saw another customer getting yelled at by the branch manager when he visited to inform that he would not be able to pay the loan on time. Well, in my case, I always pay their loan on time, and honestly it's never big amount, as I tried to be careful with too much payday loans. So, maybe $200 now and $200 then, but never above $1,000. Morale of the story, though, if you are taking a payday loan, make sure you are able to pay on time, as you may have heard, they can be extremely rude and stressful when you are behind on payments. Not to mention, their interests are already high, you should avoid late fees and extra interests as much as possible.

The loan process at Advance America, at least for the branch I frequented at Fairfield Commons, Lakewood, is generally very fast. If you have all the necessary paperwork ready, and even more if you are returning customers, it shouldn't take more than half an hour to get your loan. One thing I really hate about them is that there is no online payment option, and you will need to pay everything in person. It could be a hassle sometimes, especially on busy days with long queues. Thankfully I was never late in payments because of the long queue and they closed early, I can imagine I will be furious about it.

Overall, compared to other payday loan providers, I can say that Advance America is better in terms of services and rates. They still have higher rate compared to conventional loans, but at least it's not outrageous like some companies with 1000% APR or more, and insurmountable extra fees and interests. Again, don't take a payday loan or similar options if conventional loans are available for you, you can definitely save more money. However, if it's an emergency, I would definitely recommend Advance America as one of the best payday loan options out there without credit checking."