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   Real review of "Academy Mortgage" in Lakewood, CO!

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  Bradley Smith sent us his review April 18, 2016.

  Visited address:
  300 Union Blvd #650, Lakewood, CO 80228, USA

"I used Academy Mortgage to purchase my second house at Lakewood. Colorado. We had a really bad experience with our first house purchase and the mortgage lender, so although this second house was an excellent investment opportunity, I and my wife hesitated, and we were especially very nervous about getting our mortgage lender.

The realtor selling the house recommended Academy Mortgage after we told her about our concern. She claimed that she has been doing business with Academy Mortgage for years without any significant complaint from her clients, so we decided to give it a try. From the moment I contacted Academy and spoke with Georgia, I knew it will be a different experience compared to our first house. Georgia was very friendly, responsive with my (seemingly endless) questions, and very knowledgeable of her job. We made an appointment to meet the next day at their Union Boulevard office, and it was a pleasant experience. She provided us a heap of information and even informative videos to guide us with their mortgage process. She also went the extra mile to give us personal advice on how to make the most of our deals, even arranging our payment terms so that it won't burden our finances too much.

The whole process was also very fast. Again, due to our previous experience, we expected a lot of back-and-forth paperwork before the deal will be finally closed. Honestly, I was unreasonably nervous when Georgia keeps telling me that all the paperwork has been done. Can getting a mortgage really be this simple? However, Georgia did keep her promise to close before 20-days mark, and we got our second house on the 15th day! Did I mention that their rate was also great? They even let us compare to other banks and credit unions, and if we can get a better rate, they would offer the same rate. Amazing!

Even after we closed the house, Georgia gave me a call just to check on how we are doing, and whether we have any problem with the new house. Albeit small, we thought that it was a nice gesture on their end, and a good practice of customer service, so another plus point for them. So far after a few years of our loan tenure, we never had any problem with overcharging, mistaken fees, etc., and on the other hand, we were never late with our payments, so we can't review their collection process if you are late with your payments.

Overall, it was a pleasant experience with Academy Mortgage, and if we are buying another house or refinancing, we will call Georgia right away as we absolutely trust her with our houses. Not only they are very fast and professional, we loved how Georgia and the Academy Mortgage in general are always helpful, informative, and friendly with their customers, which we definitely didn't find in our previous experience.

We would definitely recommend Academy Mortgage to our family, friends, and everyone. 5 stars for Academy Mortgage."

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