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  Founded - 1906 (15 Feb)
online payday loans in glendale california usa
 The median income for a  Household: 54,369 $

 The median income for a  Family: 61,553 $

 Population - 192,642

 Area - 31 square miles

 Wikipedia Page:
 Glendale, CA

Household Income which has most of the residents of the city: Between 100,000 $ and 150,000$ (13,5%)

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offline cash advance loan store glendale ca usa

Direct Lender: "West Coast Cash"
Company Address: 1101 S Central Ave, Glendale, CA 91204, USA
Company Phone: 1-818-247-3356

Reviews of company (only real):

like loan lender
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Name: Andrew Sinatra Company rating: 3,5/5
(+) Review:
If the money is needed urgently, it is the right company. But be prepared to overpay a decent amount. But in general, the company rather "Yes" than "No".

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Name: Troy Emrey Company rating: 0,5/5
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I can not say anything specific about the loans they give out ... I did not reach this procedure. The employee (I think her name was Kate) literally "blew my mind!" Absolute indifference and unwillingness to help! I decided to keep my nerves and went from there.

List of loan companies in Glendale (money lenders near You) with addresses and telephone numbers:

Company name Address Phone number
1. Monroe's Payday Advance 6501 San Fernando Rd # G, 91201 +1 818-543-1661
2. ACE Cash Express 6344 San Fernando Rd, 91201 +1 818-543-4511
3. Mullen Finance Plan 840 W Glenoaks Blvd, 91202 +1 323-245-7545
4. Open Cash Advance 1146 N Central Ave #403, 91202 +1 844-675-7424
5. Lobel Financial Corporation 315 Arden Ave # 11, 91203 +1 818-265-2828
6. Umpqua Bank 700 N Central Ave #150, 91203 +1 818-844-2564
7. TNL Car Title Loans 555 Colorado Blvd #230, 91210 +1 818-937-1421
8. A to Z Check Cashing 104 S Glendale Ave, 91205 +1 818-241-0608
9. Check Into Cash 625 E Colorado St c, 91201 +1 818-243-3278
10. Cash Advance America 1004 E Maple St #2, 91205 +1 818-903-2338
11. Continental Currency Services 1023 S Brand Blvd # B, 91204 +1 818-243-3639
12. 1 800 Title Loan 629 E Colorado St, 91205 +1 818-860-7407
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You can also visit the loan store in another city (next to you)!

City / State Postal code Distance Company Title Reviews
1. Burbank / CA 91504 5,8 miles "California Budget Finance" Read
2. Pasadena / CA 91101 8,8 miles "Payday Advance" Read
3. Los Angeles / CA 90063 9,2 miles "Speedy Cash" Read
4. El Monte / CA 91731 18,1 miles "Speedy Cash" Read
5. West Covina / CA 91790 22,5 miles "L.A. Cash Advance" Read

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"Hair and Beauty Salon Business": How to Get Started

With each passing year, women spend more and more for beauty and appearance; that's a fact we can't ignore. The hair and nail industry, by itself, is a massive $56 billion industry in the U.S. alone, and it's still growing rapidly with each passing year, and the prestige beauty industry is also a massive $16 billion one.

With that in mind, there's no better time to enter the industry, provided you got the knack and passion for the beauty industry. To start small, we can start with a hair and beauty salon business, which is relatively cheaper to start monetary wise.

With more premium salon being normal nowadays, this business has a relatively high earning potential, as well as tremendous expansion possibilities.

Here are some important considerations to help you get started.

1. Startup Cost
The startup investment required will largely dependent on your rent/lease cost, that can vary widely among various locations. As a rule of thumb, we should have six months of rent ready as a startup capital. This can save you from trouble and confusion later on. On average, your rent cost will be around $5,000 a month for a medium sized space, so we should prepare $30,000 cash in hand. Depending on your service, your equipment cost also will vary, but for an average full-service beauty salon equipment, you will need another $30,000. Of course, second-hand equipment will cost you less, but make sure it's in good condition.

2. Licenses and permit
To legally operate, you will need a beautician's or cosmetologist's license. If you have the passion for the job, you can apply for yourself. However, hiring or partnering up with a licensed beautician is also an option, and you can focus on the business side of things. Consult your local authorities for other license and permit requirement depending on your location.

3. Location
The location will be one of the main factors of success in this business. Getting a location within or near a busy shopping mall or department store is ideal. However, the rent cost can be astronomical. Try to find a good balance between location and rent cost.

4. Long Working Hours
This industry might require long working hours as well as the requirement to operate on weekends, where salons tend to be the busiest. Keep this in mind as a consideration.

5. Insurance
Third-party liability insurance is usually required for this business, depending on your location. Even when it's not, it's an essential option to have to avoid being sued over injuries or theft happening on your premises. Better safe than sorry.

Earning Potential

With the U.S. national average salary for beautician being $20,000 annually, as a salon owner your potential is certainly higher than that. A typical, averagely performing salon with three beauticians can earn around $ 75,000 a year, but top performing ones can make hundreds of thousands annually.

When you're established, you can opt for an expansion to other location or renovate to include a spa, which when done right can significantly increase your earning potential. Because this business is labor-heavy, your primary concern should be to manage labor costs, as well as other operational expense, to keep the profit margin healthy, with the industry average being 5.5% after you take your own salary.

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