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   Real review of "Travis Credit Union" in Antioch, CA!

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  Drew Hanson sent us his review November 2, 2016.

  Visited address:
  2721 Lone Tree Way, Antioch, CA 94509, USA

"The Travis Credit Union was one of many credit union big enough that they have several branches around Antioch. It was a very nice credit union with a very pleasant overall environment. It was very friendly, yet always professional, a rarity among other banks here. Since Antioch was a small suburb and Travis Credit Union branch around my area was quite small, I rarely saw more than a couple of people are in line. It's a good thing, as a customer, since it means I won't need to spend too much time queueing.

The employees were also very friendly, kind, and polite. For such a small place, their attitude was very professional. All the bankers always seemed like they were enjoying themselves with their jobs. It reflects on their attitudes towards us, as they always smile and greet us properly. That kind of services that they gave was very appealing.

Their helpful and professional attitudes were the main highlight that gave me a good impression about this Union. They were always knowledgeable, and understand their jobs well as bankers. Thus, they can answer all your questions patiently and in very helpful manners. They can grasp the whole idea of the problem and can give you a good solution for whatever your problem is. With any specific problem and difficulties, a personalized setup for the program or loan can be set up for each customer. Thanks to that, each customer loan and program could be adjusted as best as possible.

In my case, I have an auto loan from the Travis Credit Union. For all these years, my experience with this credit union was great. The only downside, which is a minor one, is that I would need to wait in line for ten minutes or so to pay my loan. They don't have any option to pay your loans online, but since it's located quite close to where I live at, it's a minor issue for me.

Other than the online loan payment issue, they have a wonderful online system. Their website and online checking always worked well. The website is neat and easy to look around with, and the online account checking was always up-to-date. For a small credit union, the number of ATMs available in Antioch is great! It's not like you can find an ATM every few blocks like with major banks, but you can find it easily enough.

In conclusion, the Travis Credit Union in my neighborhood might be small, but it's a very decent bank. You still need to wait for several minutes to do you business, and sometimes you will feel that this credit union is understaffed. But at the end, all those things are only minor problems compared to all the benefits over other banks. With so many advantages and so many good experiences that I've got through several years with the Travis Credit Union, I will certainly recommend this credit union to anyone."

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