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   Real review of "Education Credit Union" in Amarillo, TX!

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  Manuel Espino sent us his review October 16, 2016.

  Visited address:
  4400 I-40, Amarillo, TX 79106, USA

"The Education Credit Union is one of a small credit union that located near my complex. With 10 to 15 minutes driving I can visit this credit union. By far this credit union gives me a pleasant feeling. Since I joined this union, they never give me a disappointing feeling. Although Education credit union was small, they give a very positive vibe toward customers. It's been 2 years since I've joined the Education Credit Union. Also, I've got a few active accounts in this union. Starting from a personal account, a family account, and loan account.

Up until now all my relation with Education credit union has never been better. They were so responsible in their line of work. Not to forget they also keeping their customer trust as their primary goal. Within their small union, all the employees tried their best helping all the customers with their best effort. It was a pleasant thing to know that all them keep their working quality checked all the time. Also, their fast paced working creates a less waiting line. They attention to details were one thing that I complimented.

At one time, I've come to Education to talk about a car loan. Immediately, the banker starts to greet me with a hospitable personality. Then as I asked related to car loan and what things that need to done. He then tries to tell me the main idea about the car loan programs that Education's provide. As he speaks, I can get a better picture how the programs work. After discussing the best loan that I could get. He then tells me about the necessary document and rule that need to fulfilled. Amazingly the banker that helps me with loan said that you don't need to worry about the document that much. He also said that union policy may give a week to gather the necessary document. Based on that now I know that Education credit union care with all their customers. Since they have a slack policy. It makes all the customers does not feel hurriedly push by the credit union.

Other areas that I can compliment were their customer service. It was quite admirable to see that the customer service section helping all the problems that customer has. They also have a sincere attitude towards their customer. They have never been picky with the complaint that customer conveys to Education credit union. They also have an apologetic manner when union part makes some blunder. They never cover their mistake or feels always on the right side. It was a proud attitude that even other credit union and banks do not have.

At the end, Education credit union helped me and other customers in every need. They customer-centric services made their union one of the best that I could find in Amarillo. For me, if I can compare it with other credit unions on the same level. Education might be one of the best that I recommended to others."

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